Fall day at Snug Harbor Farm

Snug Harbor Farm in Kennebunk, ME is worth the trip. I adore this place. If you love flowers, plants and design you too will love Snug Harbor.

Here are a few shots from my day trip!


They have wonderful green houses full of lovely trained and manicured plants. I have so much fun meandering through the green houses and breathing in the warm fragrant air.


The Store is fantastic too, loads of little treasures. I wanted to take pictures of the Christmas set up but I forgot! It is so pretty right now. (photo from website)


Pintrest is full of photos from Sug Harbor Farm…guess I am not the only one who obsessed with this place. Found on





Snug harbor is not only a wonderful place to shop for plants and gifts they have fantastic workshops. I went to the wreath making workshop on Saturday and loved every moment!

Check out for plant inspiration or better yet go and see them and their many lovely green houses at 87 Western Avenue Kennebunk, ME 04043 (207.967.2414). It is well worth the trip.

I hope you liked seeing a little of what Snug Harbor Farm has to offer, let me know by liking or commenting on this post.

Enjoy the last days of November, Christmas is right around the corner.

Best, Celia


Coastal Condo Before & After

I have just completed a really fun project. We transformed a 1980’s average condo into an incredible chic retreat.

Photos by Liz Donnelly.

Before:Prior to the renovation there were too many columns, several types of flooring and a busy tray ceiling.


After: we removed the columns where possible and opened up the space. We added ship-lap to the fireplace and a new window to the living room.



Before: The kitchen was the largest transformation. Before the renovation the kitchen was closed off from the rest of the unit, now it is one fluid space.


After: The space is so airy and fresh now. I adore the ice blue marble tile it brings the ocean feel into the kitchen. The hood was custom made for the space, I love the glossy white enamel finish.


Before Dining Room & Railing: In the former dining room you felt closed in by the columns and railing. Now the space is open and welcoming.




Hall before and After: we created a cased opening with a proper entry,  which allowed us to gain living space. The new entry was defined by a ship-lap wainscoting and grass-cloth wallpaper. Just beyond the entry we added a console table to catch keys, and mail etc. The result is very elegant. I love the Brockie Stevenson print above the console table.



The master bedroom was dark and dreary. We stripped the wallpaper, added a ship-lap wall/fireplace and some simple touches.



I am so proud of this beautiful home renovation, the results are stunning.

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Love the long and narrow table found on Pinterest.

Calm, Tonal, Coastal Dining Room

I was asked to put together a dream board for a monochromatic coastal dining room.

As you know gray is still trending, so that is where I started. I love these Benjamin Moore paint colors. I selected this Etsy table because it is long and narrow and great for conversation. The Restoration Hardware chairs are fantastic, they are comfortable, and they tuck into the table which is unusual. I used the painted antique barn doors to add depth to the space, and I thought this Suyra rug tied the tonal look together.

This is such a relaxing place to dine!


I really had fun with this request, if you have a room you are struggling with let me know and I will weigh in with my feedback. Let me know what you thin of this post by commenting or liking it.

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5 Ways to turn your bedroom into a retreat

As we settle into autumn we turn our attention inside. Generally people get their guest rooms ready for the holidays, I think you should turn your own bedroom into a retreat.

Here are my top five ways to spruce up your bedroom.

  1. Add a focal wall with wallpaper, a different paint color or with wood like in this photo by Liz Donnelly.


2. Add age with a rustic or reclaimed light fixture.


3. Neutralize your pallet, this really makes a room feel spa like.


4. Add an over sized mirror to reflect the light in the room.


5. Have fun with a rug, maybe a cozy sheepskin for winter and a striped one for summer?


I think it time for me to get cracking and spruce up my own bedroom!

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Rustic Winter Wedding

I have made a new friend through my gym, and her daughter is getting married in February. Naturally I am helping with the wedding. You know I can’t pass up an event full of details…I live for the little the details.

Here are some of the ideas I am hoping to incorporate into her wedding.

  1. Bird vases, I am obsessed with these I have used them several times and they are magical, and cool! _mg_1160-edit
  2. White, Gray, Purple and Green are the colors we are thinking for the flowers.The bride wanted to incorporate peacock feathers…I can’t wait that will be fun!


3. Herbs and Moss will most definitely be a part of our rustic winter decor. I think herbs bring life to an event.


4. Since we are using the bird vases, and the peacock feathers why not add nests!

4. You must have mood lighting for a wedding, candles are a must. Mason jars are great candle holders!



5. The bride likes the idea of hanging arrangements. We are doing the event at a location that where hanging things might be tough but we could do these in the windows! We can have moss and candles in some of the globes and flowers in the others.



6. I am thinking the ceremony space will have these urns filled with flower, curly willow and peacock feathers. Something like the ones I did below.


7. The bride and groom would like to incorporate some personal items like a date board that records, first date, proposal and wedding.


8. Lastly the bride wants to incorporate loved ones who have passed away as part of the decor. This is the idea she sent from Pinterest, I was thinking of expanding on this idea by using a long wooden tray filled with green and Spanish moss, pillar candles, mini herbs and nests.


I think this wedding will be spectacular! I promise to take pictures and share them with you.





Decorating For Fall…Before it is Too Late

Decorate for fall…before it is too late. I wish we could slow down this season. When did we start Christmas in October? Most of us enjoy celebrating the holidays. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, as I love to cook and entertain. I thought I better do my fall post quickly before it is too late!

  1. Keep your front door simple like this one from


I love this fall planter photo by Liz Donnelly


2. Feathers are great accents in fall decorating. These arrangements came from and


3. Don’t be afraid to add vegetables to your tablescapes. Artichokes are a wonderfully architectural vegetable they add a lot of depth to this centerpiece from


4. Succulents are still is vogue, and I love this wreath from the Etsy site The Little Succulent Shoppe.


5. I like to add new house plants to my home when I move inside for fall. I will be cursing my need for this plants in a month when I am trying to find a spot for them when I decorate for Christmas. These topiary’s  from Snug Harbor Farm.

Here are some of Snug Harbor Farms beautiful plants on my dining table.
Photo: Liz Donnelly

So today I am getting down to business and decorating for fall!

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PS Here are my girls decorating for fall!



To me details are everything!

photos: Liz Donnelly

In my life details are everything. In both parts of my business, I pay attention to the littlest detail. I want a wedding to look and feel a certain way and the same is true for a home.

Bridal and Baby showers can be ho-hum, if you don’t dress the space correctly. This baby shower was at Dockside Grill, Falmouth, ME. A gift table must have flowers, these mini arrangements were tucked between the gifts, so as not to over shadow them.


I also added a self serve candy bar, you need sugar to get you through the gift opening…which takes altogether too long in my opinion!


We created a comfortable area to open the gifts too, Mom to be, BFF, and two grandmothers to be can all sit together.


I love adding unexpected vignettes to weddings too. It allows me to bring more of the bride and groom into the event. Here we used a dingy for a self serve water and soda station. The bride managed a marina so this was a nod to her.Marr_Wedding2


In interior design, it is imperative that you add a level of detail that reflects the home owner. I love this photograph of a kitchen I did in Harpswell, ME the pottery is so soft and sweet just like the owner!

Kitchen with white cabinets

I love this home and the homeowners. They did not want to see the TV and so we hid it behind barn-doors, that side over the shelves when opened. The result is a lovely built in, sometimes the biggest feature in a space is part of the build out.


You do not need to overpower a space in order to add character to it, here we used white elements to finish our look.


In this home we choose the curved arch as the attribute to focus on. We picked the pendant and sconce to mimic the flow of the arch. This space was made perfect with the addition of the home owners fantastic art collection!


No one does details like Italians ! You know I am obsessed! look at these three water features in Tivoli (photos below I took, I don’t want you to think Liz did them)




I love layers in a home, or in event design. I think people really appreciate the collected look and attention to detail.

What matters to you when designing a room or event? I you enjoyed my little tour of details.

Best, Celia




Rome captures my soul yet again!

I have just returned from two glorious weeks in the eternal city. Honestly, there is no place I would rather be. I love Rome for so many reasons, it is incredibly beautiful, steeped in history, fashion forward and walk-able. This trip I had the pleasure of going with a group of fabulous women. We stayed in a charming apartment that I had rented before, which is centrally located in the heart of ancient Rome. We walked, shopped, talked, cooked and laughed the days away.

Here is my top ten of must see things, and places in Rome.

  1. Galleria Borghese and the Borghese gardens. There is more beauty in this villa than your eye, heart and mind can digest.


2. Ostia Antica- the ancient port of Rome was incredible because it highlighted how advanced the Roman Empire was. Here are some of the floors that remain in the ruins, the black and white mosaics are from the baths. I wish my floors looked like that!


3. Altare della Patria- my favorite building in Rome, this building serves me well, not just its’ handsomeness but its’ central location makes it a great way to learn the city. Look for the flying horses and you can get home!


4. You can’t help but to love the Colosseo or Colosseum. This was in my neighborhood and although I saw it everyday I never tired of it.


5. I love the buildings in this city, the colors and the history ooze from them.


6. Tivoli which is just outside the city is a great rest-bit from the crowds in Rome.It  has the Villa d’Este a Unesco world heritage site. I highly recommend going to see this beautiful villa and the spectacular gardens.


7. If you love Art Rome is the right place for you to go. It is everywhere even on the sidewalk and on buildings.


8. Do not miss the Protestant Cemetery, or the Non Catholic Cemetery as it is labeled on maps. This is an awe inspiring spot.


9. A great day trip from Rome is Orvieto, this is an incredible town know for its beautiful cathedral, wine and pottery. The perfect trifecta in my opinion.


10. Lastly If you have the time or opportunity, walk up one of the seven hills of Rome and look down upon this splendid city. You won’t be sorry!


I hope you enjoyed my favorite spots in Rome I would love to hear and see yours. let me know your thoughts by commenting or liking this post.

Thanks for stopping by,

Ciao amici



old doors

5 Ways to add history to your home

I am always looking for ways to add a sense of history to new home builds. We have wonderful architectural salvage spots in Maine. I love to go poke around, and look at big barns full of old stuff, fortunately we have a lot of that!

Here are some great ways to add age to your home.

  1. Make a built-in piece of furniture with old cabinetry.


2. Replace a door in your house with an old door, bathrooms and pantries are a great place to do this. Or build something out of an old door.

(top photo Pinterest, bottom Country living)

old doors


3. Reclaimed trim can be used to trim out a room or make a mirror like this one from This Old House.


4. I love using old factory windows especially if they can be used like this as windows.


5. Lastly, you can use columns in many ways, they can be incorporated into furniture or just placed in a room .

celia_jan2016_63 (4)

Do you like reclaimed and salvage pieces, or do you prefer everything new?

Thank you for stopping by and let me know if you have any questions or comments.



Ten Floral Ideas for under $25

Hello All,

One of my readers Lisa asked me to give them ten ideas for floral arrangements for under $25.

I made all of these arrangements, and Liz Donnelly photograpred them for me

1. Succulents& moss in a tree root. This can be done any time of the year.Marr_Wedding72. I love this bird vase but any bud vase will do. I filled this with curly willow, seeded eucalyptus, and a few flowers.


3. Herbs wrapped in burlap…pretty about $12 total


4. Mason Jar of farm stand flowers. So simple and classic.


5. Spanish moss and seedlings.



6. Orchids…If you know anything about me you know I love orchids. Trader Joe’s has a great selection for under $20.

White Orchid CBD

LDP_9332festive table (2)

7. Market bouquet…yes you can go to your grocery store and spend $20 and make a beautiful arrangement.


8. Bulbs are well priced and readily available in the spring.



9. Grass, slabs of wood, candles and crocuses make this tablescape shine. Most of it was free!dockside196

10. At Christmas I like evergreens and white flowers. Roses from Trader Joe’s are perfect!


Ok Lisa thank you for your question I hope this gives you some direction!