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Celia Bedilia started as a home decor store in Portland, ME, almost twenty years ago. The inspiration for the name of the company came from my childhood nickname given to me by my siblings. When I opened the interior & event design business several years ago, we gave up our retail space and went online with our retail store.

I was born into the design world; my great-grandfather was an impressionist painter, my grandfather & father were both architects, and my mother was an interior designer. Even more, all four of my siblings are also in the art/design fields of work. We had no choice; designer blood runs through our veins!

Before I opened my retail store and design business, I worked as a chef and event planner, then in the wholesale/retail world in sales, marketing, design, and production.

My business and grown into a combination of all of my areas of expertise and interests. I now spend most of my time doing floral and event design and leading workshops and European tours.

I am a very visual and intuitive person; I can see an event or home in my mind completed before I even have time to put it on paper. I use my intuition to guide my choices and to connect with my clients on a deeper level. Every detail is essential to creating the perfect experience, whether for a wedding or a home.

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I love love. Any of my clients will tell you that I can plan a wedding in my sleep. The ideas flow to me effortlessly, and I enjoy every second of the process. Nothing is more beautiful to me than joining two lives together as one. Details are my specialty, and there is no length I won’t go to fulfill my couple’s dreams.

Photo: Darling Photography
Photo: Darling Photography
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What is the difference between a class and a workshop? Classes are one topic and last 1-2 hours. Workshops cover several topics and range in length from 1-5 days. For example, we have a topiary class and a container gardening workshop. We include topiaries in our one-day container gardening workshop, and we cover several other topics as well!

If you want to do flowers for your wedding, you might want to take one of our two to five-day wedding workshops if you’re only interested in learning how to make a beautiful centerpiece take our 90-minute bouquet class!

If you are interested in finding out more about our classes and workshops click on the page above.

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We offer customized guided tours of Italy & Portugal. What interests do you have? We can set up a trip that covers anything you desire. We had one group who wanted to learn about Christian Rome, Italian wine, fashion, and pottery. We arranged activities for each of their interests, and everyone was happy, even the teenagers. Rome is where my soul lives, and I can not wait to show it off to you! If you let us know what you are passionate about, we will create the perfect tour!

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Christian Rome Tour


I genuinely love my work, and I need to take the time to work closely with my clients as we bring their visions to life. More so, each one of my projects must reflect the client’s taste and interests rather than my own. Here at Celia Bedilia, we can help you bring your ideas to actuality. We love beauty and we want to share this love with you! We would love to hear from you please contact us through the form below!


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