Hanging Mason Jar Arrangement How To

Celia Bedilia Mason Jar Arrangements:

1. Choose wall bracket, or if you don’t have one set up, affix to wall at or above eye level, whatever shows off your arrangement but doesn’t obstruct movement through the space.

2. Secure wire into threading (tightly!) at top of Mason jar; leave loose wire at the end to hang from wall bracket.  Tip: you can use a little bit of hot glue or rubber bands to give the wire some extra hold on jar’s threading.

3. Arrange selected flowers: your favorites, what’s in season, and/or what fits the color scheme of your space (or event).  A good tip is to hold the stems loosely as you arrange, beginning with your primary, largest, or “featured” stems, loosely between the fingers so that the stems form an upside-down pyramid, which will allow you to weave the arrangement together tightly.  (The most important thing with flowers is to handle both firmly and gently–they’re pliable and you can “weave” your ancillary flowers and greens in, but of course don’t force the stems to snap.)

4. Fill Mason jar 2/3 with water (room temp. for most stems, hot water for hardier, woody stems) and one drop–JUST a drop–of household bleach to discourage pesky bacteria.

5. Place arrangement into jar and use loose ends of the wire to attach firmly to wall bracket.  Froof & fine-tune the arrangement to be lovely from the most viewed angles.

N.B. It’s best to trim the bottom of the stems and refresh the water daily–only a couple minutes’ work–to elongate the life of your arrangement.





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