Rustic Votives

Steps to making a rustic votive

You will need mason jars, a handful of reindeer moss and a handful of Spanish moss, twine, a glue gun, and a votive candle

  1. Pre-heat your glue gun
  2. Dab hot glue on the top of rim of the jar and wrap the twine around the rim, cut the twine once you have covered the treads and add another dab of glue to adhere the twine to the base of the rim.
  3. Take one last piece of twine and tie a rustic bow around the covered rim.
  4. Add the votive to the center of the jar you may want to add a little hot glue to keep your votive in place.
  5. Add reindeer moss and Spanish moss around the base of the votive

Photos Liz Donnelly

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