Office Organization Essentials

The office can’t always be a sanctuary of peace and serenity… but it can be the sanctuary of creativity and prosperity!

Staying organized is absolutely essential; see our post about closet spaces below, and follow these tips from top to bottom:

  • invert a $15 lampshade and hang with a $15 ceiling mount for a $30 DIY light that looks like a $200 designer piece
  • keep appointments, notes, reminders, and day-brightening memos/artwork on boards… get one dry-erase/magnet board and one corkboard (you can cover it in a chic fabric for that extra oomph) and everything will stay in its place, everyone needs order
  • having a couple of well-chosen chairs at a large desk invites creativity and collaboration (if that’s your bag) plus you’ll want to keep that vast tabletop free for projects and stay organized naturally
  • a bench serves many purposes: it invites the human(e) element of taking a breather now and then, can be a great spot to plunk down and peruse some swatches or magazines, or can be an extra organizational surface in moments of need… and if you’ve got a gaggle of clients coming over for a how-to or a consultation, of course it serves its original purpose as extra seating!

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