Herb Centerpiece

Rustic Planter Centerpiece: You will need 3 plants of your choice, potting soil, 3 vessels for the plants, moss and a tray or platter

Step 1: Find, buy or barrow a tray or platter that works well in the center of your table, my table is narrow and old and thus I chose a narrow and old tray…use your creativity and choose a tray/platter that fits your style.

Step 2: Choose pots, glass cubes, or bowls that work for both the plants you chose and your style. I went rustic in this example but you could use beautiful soup bowls or even large mugs. I have also used Mason Jars by now you know I use them for everything!

Step 3: Put rocks or pebbles in the bottom of your planter for drainage.

Step 4: Use potting soil and your plant to fill your container, you can top them off with moss this looks good and helps them retain moisture.

Step 5: Place your plants on your tray or platter


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