Designer Homes for Designer Dogs…Like My Shih Tzu

Dog party

Being a dog in a designer’s home is harder than you might think. I have to follow the sun as it moves from one side of the kitchen to the other. In addition to regularly moving, I also need to turn 2-3 times and scratch and dig the perfect spot on the window bench, rug or reluctantly a dog bed. I have, even had to scratch precious leather chairs in the hopes of creating my perfect nest; leather is not as comfortable to me as silk or even velvet. I believe my designer did not think through her fabric choices very well, she has too many durable fabrics…to me this translate into years of uncomfortable lounging.

Humans are often too practical in their home purchases for example, sisal rugs? Yuck! What are they good for? Peeing on them is about all I can think of, they smell like nature and this is where I believe they belong…outside.

 I digress I wanted to tell you why it is hard to be a designers dog.  Most designers like their homes to remain clean (even of dog hair) and orderly too. Often Coco (our Lab) and I have just taken every toy out of our bin and deposited them around the house when she comes home and puts everything away! The worst part of our job is to look and act perfect when clients come to tour our home; some of these people treat us like animals!

So next time you are flipping through the pages of House Beautiful remember that dog sleeping in the living room shot…went through a lot to get there!

Photo by: Liz Donnelly

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