Mastering the Mudroom

CFO CocoPhoto: Liz Donnelly

As a mother, I can tell you there is nothing better than a well designed mudroom. There are a few elements I feel are important when designing your mudroom space.

Groove down with this light

Light is one of the most important things in a good mudroom design. You need ample  natural light as well as overhead and task lighting. We added interest to this mudroom by making a lantern into a hanging light, we also have a ceiling mount and closet lights. This mudroom is very bright & cheerful. Which is important in Maine!


We think organized storage is the key to getting the mudroom of your dreams!

  • Here we have two closets with shelving and rods, 2 benches, hooks, storage bins (for dog toys)
  • Dog bed to store dogs on
  • Large hooks we use for dog leashes

Pop o color on doors

Flooring that can hold up to sand, dirt, snow, water and mud is a must!This is a recycled tight weave flooring that takes dirt off everything including dog paws.

the bossDo not forget to choose a style for your space in this case we wanted a beadboard coastal theme. We played it up with 5″ high beadboard walls, this great wooden fish, and tin mirrors.

You could add a family message board, chalk board, personal device charging station, and file holder for important mail or bills!

Cool Fish

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