Spring Table

 A spring table allows one to bring the outside in through plants, bulbs, nests, and eggs. I adore spring and the feeling that everything is new again. Fresh starts are always exciting; everything is budding and coming to life at this time of year.

 I love to buy bulbs and force them inside; here I have forced daffodils and grape hyacinth.  In the fall I buy bulbs for planting and forcing. Some go in the garden, while others go in paper bags in the garage. The ones from the garage will be forced into bloom in my home in March.

The 1st week of March is the time to start forcing bulbs. I prepare wide mouth jars or shallow bowls with pebbles at the base, potting soil and finally the bulbs. Mason jars work very well but can only hold one bulb, if you want more impact you might want to plant a large bowl the bulbs can be crowded quite tightly together. Water and set in a sunny spot, in 2-3 weeks you will be enjoying the fruits of your labor!

Now you have your bulbs add bird nests and eggs and you have a great centerpiece for spring holiday entertaining.

Sun is warm but the temps aren't

Photos by: Liz Donnelly

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