Easter is coming…Sunday

Easter Is Sunday. I need to order a ham www.virginiatraditions.com these are wonderful Virginia hams and my Hubbs peanuts too www.hubspeanuts.com. Once this is done I can get down to business and confirm my guest list (my family is not very good at RSVP’s).

I am going to keep the menu simple, peanuts and fresh vegetables to start, ham, sweet & regular roasted potatoes, green beans and salad. Oh and I need to order a coconut cake from Scratch Bakery www.scratchbakingco.com I hope I am not too late!

Now I love to cook but I like decorating more. I have inherited beautiful linens (because my sisters did not want to iron them) I am going to use lace and linen napkins, my silver (which I do not use enough) and white dishes.  I want to keep my tablescape simple but springy. I love hyacinth but you may want to use daffodils as hyacinth are very fragrant (with 2 dogs and 2 teens I need the fresh floral aroma).  I want my flowers to add the pop to the table!

Easter crop

For the centerpiece you will need: A 6”-8” deep vessel (like my wire basket) this can be a bowl, pot, really anything that holds plants, Sheet Moss (available at any florist), Hyacinth or Daffodils (Greenhouse or even Wal-Mart), potting soil, some nests, small natural looking fake eggs (or better yet your own Easter eggs) and bunnies (Home Goods or Pottery Barn).

Step One: Line your basket with moss, if you are using a bowl or planter skip step one

Step Two: Cover the bottom of the vessel with soil

Step Three: Add plants and fill in soil to fit plants snugly in place. This is important because these plants tend to be top heavy. You may need to stake them too, I would use Pussy Willow and a twist tie.

Step Four: Cover the top of the plants with moss, and if you have a staked plant with a twist tie you can cover the twist tie with a little moss!

Step Five: Put your new planter in the center of your table and surround it with your Easter treasures (bunnies, eggs, nests etc.)

Step Five: Get into the kitchen…it is time to cook


WowSo cute

Photos by: Liz Donnelly

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