Challenge outdoor room for $2k

I have been asked to put together an outdoor room for under $2k. Now I am someone who thinks of $2,000 as a lot of money but as I started researching this project I found out that $2k does not buy you a lot in the great outdoors.

So this is how I spent my money $870.00 on the Mykonos Brown 4-piece Conversation Set , $298 on a Dash and Albert outdoor rug , $215 on Real Flame ‘Modesto’ 38-inch Black Fire Column, 3 fun outdoor pillows $19 each , outdoor lanterns $55 large wire hanging lantern, $39 (x2) for the fun white ceramic lanterns both ,  Garden cart for plants or as an outdoor bar $148.00 , Fun square umbrella $199 this brings us to $1,920 for a very cool and eclectic outdoor room! How would you spend your $2k while still getting style and seating?

Wonderful seatingfire outdoorBar?CHIC STRIPES


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