Art Makes a Room Complete

Art is very important in good design. You can show your style and taste through the art you choose. Art can be an investment or can just be a painting, drawing or sculpture you connect with. Trust your gut and you will build an art collection that reflects you and your family. Art is interesting because it tells a story that each person interprets in their own way.

I am high-lighting three very unique and talented artists; they all price their work very reasonably…start your own collection and let me know how it is coming.

This first photo is of a dressing room with a collection of small scale art and jewelry. Here we hung art in a gallery style.

Art in the eye of the beholder

I love this painting by Andrew Faulkner from a Marin Magazine contest. This pleasing scene could work in any home. Check out other works by Andrew

.my brothers art!

Deb Hides did this mural of chickadees. I love seeing art directly on walls it can be a very clever way to dress a space. In this case up at tree level!  To see more work by Deb Hides go to her blog


This last piece is from a very talented Maine artist Rhonda Pearle she owns Bridge Gallery in Portland, Maine other works by her and her husband Gary can be seen at www.bridgegalleryportland.comRhoda Pearle painting

I know how intimidating art purchases can be, but get to know artists that you like by going to art shows or even through images online you will feel good buying from someone you connect with.


A great place to start your journey is  

You will feel so good buying art from these artists.

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