Rustic Wedding with STYLE

Next weekend I am doing a rustic country wedding for my niece. Here is my plan!

Location: Picking a beautiful site…step one

Rustic Wedding heavenAdd Lanterns: this adds to a funtastic time!

lanterns are a mustcool candlesLighting is a must these rustic candles above will give a glow to the tent. Below are the vases and arrangements we are using! Mason jars and birds what could be more country?Mason Jar CollectionsBird vases...chic Mason jars hanging in space

Fun idea for place cards

I love this sweets table idea…so cute!


One thought on “Rustic Wedding with STYLE

  1. Great ideas! She’s lucky to have you. I also had a rustic style wedding for myself last year. We had to cut down a tree stump in our yard before so we cut the stump in slices lengthwise and layed them on the table under our centerpieces and candles. It was a lot of fun. But you have great ideas so far!


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