Built-ins-fill your needs and your space

This buffet was built to fill the entire wall. Photo by Liz Donnelly
We even added a sink for watering plants and making drinks! Photo Liz Donnelly

Why do a custom built-in?  

  1. You can use an entire space, use spaces wisely (under stairs, bathroom corner, living room wall etc)
  2. You can design specialized storage to display collections or hide objects you need but do not want to see.
  3. Customizing anything in your home leaves a part of you in the home…forever!
  4. Bring a new style to your home, some people want to add a modern touch to their home, but not change the entire traditional feel.
  5. Built-ins can make sense of spaces; for example built-in book shelves can make a library out of an office, or a hutch can make a den into a dining room.
  6. Color and Wallpaper can be used in/on a built-in and this can bring a splash of color or pattern to a room!
Great wallpaper makes this built in pop!
Photo Jamie Salomon

Great built in above  from http://casamacho.wordpress.com/ 

Great idea TV under the stairs! -Houzz.com
Celia Bedilia Designs built in TV is Hiden above the fireplace
Photo Jamie Salomon
Coco Loves this spot in the mudroom. There is storage in the bench!!! Photo Liz Donnelly

Need help with built in ideas?

Check out these sites








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