I want new kitchen cabinets but I will settle for these inexpensive fixes!

Okay so my kitchen is in need of a spruce up. I love my kitchen as you can see it is a cooks kitchen. I am a big entertainer and foodie.

My Kitchen-photo by Jamie Salomon

The thing is my cabinets are being held up by the several coats of paint I have put on them. I have pickled, antiqued, painted and then painted them again. These poor cabinets have seen me through many different design phases. I love them in cream but…they show all the drips and stains my kids (and husband) leave behind. Iced tea is a staple in my house and it is obvious when looking at my cabinets!

So I need a change and I need your help. I have as you can see if you look closely, black granite with terracotta and cream in it. This made more sense when the floor was terracotta tile…but we will not be changing the counter…as much as I lust over Carrera marble. So the counter stays. I need a bright color that is either stain resistant or camouflaging color that hides iced tea!

Below are the colors I am thinking about using and photos of kitchens I love. HELP!!! Please let me know your thoughts.

Ben Moore Cumulus Cloud
Choice #1
Ben Moore Shaker Beige
Choice #2
Ben Moore Huntington Beige
Choice #3
Ben Moore Woodlawn Blue
Interior color/Back of open cabinets  choice #1
Ben Moore Wyeth Blue
Interior color choice #2

Kitchen’s I love, or fixes I think I can do! What do you think?

These are not inexpensive but they make great use of your space!
Use color in on the back wall to show off your dishes! BHG.COM
I adore open shelves. How beautiful is this BHG.com kitchen?

How to Paint Cabinets or Furniture

The go-to guide to get smooth coverage when painting wood cabinets or furniture.

WOW COOL THIS BHG.COM How to paint cabinets is great! 

What You Need:

  • Liquid sandpaper
  • 1/4-inch nap paint roller
  •  Primer
  •  220-grit sandpaper
  • Tack cloth
  • Paintbrush, roller, or sprayer
  • Paint (look for a self-leveling formula)

What To Do:

Step 1: Wipe cabinet surface with liquid sandpaper

Step 2: Using 1/4-inch nap roller or paintbrush, apply primer. Let dry.

Step 3: Sand with 220-grit sandpaper. Wipe with tack cloth.

Step 4: Brush, roll, or spray cabinet surface with paint. Let dry. Finish with a second coat for even coverage.

I really want your feedback let me now what you think. What color do you vote for? Do you like the contrasting color for the back of the cabinets? Do you have any advice for me?

I have painted these cabinets several times but I want this to be the last time so let me know if you recommend any paint or product for cabinets! Thank you for reading my blog & thank you in advance for your comments and advice.

Best, Celia





6 thoughts on “I want new kitchen cabinets but I will settle for these inexpensive fixes!

  1. I love everything you’ve included. I have glass inserts in my kitchen cabinet doors and it didn’t ever dawn on me to paint the back. I love how this looks! I also like the organizers for all the cleaning supplies. Thanks for some fresh ideas. I think I might incorporate a couple of these myself:)


      1. I like the Shaker Beige and Woodlawn Blue. The first one kind of looks like it would take on a grayish tone. I always get a pint of my favorites and try them out side by side before starting. Colors can be so funny and until I see them on my project I can’t make up my mind. Pints of paint are cheap. Good luck!


    1. Hi! I just stumbled on your blog today. I love your dgesin style! You have literally inspired me to go to dgesin school! In the last year, I have found a passion in decorating. I stay up sometimes all hours of the night looking at magazines and searching blogs. Speaking of cabinets, I really want to paint my kitchen cabinets. My walls are a barn red. They were like that when we moved in and I kept them because they were kind of nice and I was pregnant. What color cabinets would go with red walls? Is white the only color? I love love green, but that would look like Christmas! What would you suggest? Thanks!


      1. I just got your comment, I am sorry you went into spam :). I saw someone else gave you some color ideas. I like green and red if you do a sage (blue-gray-green) it would look wonderful with red. I am doing a living room for a client now and they have a few barn red furniture pieces, we are painting the room Ben Moore Dry Sage 2142-40. Send before and after photos!!!
        Best, Celia


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