Finishing touches make the room

As a designer, I cannot stress enough, that little touches finish a space. Without the pieces of your personality, a home looks unwelcoming and unfinished. Here are a few spaces I designed, look at how we add the books, vases, clocks, pictures, statues etc. We want to bring our clients interests, personal history and even quirks into their space.

I feel homes should reflect the home owners not their designers!

Tip: Vintage items add instant history to a space

This indoor herb garden adds the finishing touch to this room. Photo: Liz Donnelly
In this kitchen ceramic Pineapples and pastel dishes style the space.
Liz Donnelly photo
In this new coastal home we used the home owners old book collection to add history to a bedroom. Photo: Liz Donnelly
In this Maine lake house we spelled out the word camp…because that is what the homeowners call their house. Liz Donnelly photographer
We also added little plants in mason jars and old pots to add to the “campy” feel.
Liz Donnelly photographer
Plants, books and bottles make this bookcase more interesting and appealing.
Liz Donnelly: photographer
In this home we kept the touches simple, books, flowers and antique ginger jars.
Photo: Jamie Salomon
This eclectic room needed very little but we used a family clock on the side table, flowers and coffee table books. Photo: Jamie Salomon

I hope you will let me know what you do to finish your space. What personal touches  do you feel are important in making you house a home?

I really do love answering your questions please keep your comments and questions coming!!!!!

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Thank you for reading my blog. Best, Celia

4 thoughts on “Finishing touches make the room

  1. I read somewhere a while ago that adding texture to a room is important. As a designer do you still find that to be a good thing to do? I’ve used sisal rugs, baskets, wicker, etc to add some texture. I’m kind of tiring of that look though.


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