Dogs enjoying summer

Summer tea party
Photo: Liz Donnelly

Liz Donnelly my talented photographer, specializes in dog portraits. She is fabulous at photographing my interiors I thought I would show you some of the dog shots she has done for me.

Coco on the front steps…shall I garden?
Olive is the best of our models. She is a seasoned pro
Mazzy sitting…you do not know how hard it was to get this puppy to stay!
This is Zack, he is very funny…he looks like the fox from the original Robinhood, and is sneaky like Robinhood too.
This is a great shot of Rebel with his portrait in the backround we worked hard to get this shot.
This is a clients house and dog. Rebel is a wonderful old man, Look at this entry these door took forever to get but they are fabulous!
Mazzy helping herself to pound cake…brunch fit for the dogs!
Coco was so nervous to do this shot because my husband was in the room and she sis not want to be up on the furniture and get in trouble!
Olive is the queen of our home, she not only eats at the table but she uses a knife and fork.
Olive on the Christmas table
Coco on the built-in bench in the mudroom…we have two of these and Coco thinks of them as built-in dog beds.

I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as we enjoyed taking them! Liz is so talented! Check out her site

Please let us know what you think of our blog! We love you guys!

Thank you, Celia

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