20 Items to spruce up your home for under $20

Decorating does not need to be expensive. I think some of my best projects have been budget driven. I do not have clients with big budgets, but they have big ideas and I am very creative! I love shopping sales, Home Goods and Craig’s List and consignment stores. So think paint, upholstering and sales to get cool things at cool prices!!!!!

Isn’t this Willow Cloche cool only $19.99 including the tray from Williams Sonoma.


I have used these pillows and they are a wonderful touch to any room and only $19.99 from West Elm
This vase is only $3.99 from CB2, buy several to line a table
Jug-tastic deal $19.99 from Williams-Sonoma Home
What this rug is only $14.99 from Williams Sonoma? Come on…really
I think this dinnerware is very chic and it starts at $19.99 at West Elm
West Elm has these towel rack on sale for $9.99-$14.99 this is a great deal for a great product.
CB2 does it again $9.99 for these vases…come on! Make a bedside lamp or just place them on a shelf to add a clean and modern touch
CB2’s buyer has an eye for cheerful and these napkins are reusable and a great price $19.99 for a dozen

Cheer up any room with these bird pillows from Pottery Barn $14.99…what a deal!
All Modern.com has these very cool plates starting at $14.99
ADORABLE $1.95 fun way to display photos or notes, they are great in groups of 3-5.
These felt boxes are so chic in charcoal gray…love them and only $19.99 from CB2
Fin decals from Dali Decals $10, lots of great decals to choose from.
Soothing Capian Sea candle from Pottery Barn $15.99, can be used as a vase after the candle is gone!
I love these Birdcage Trays from Pottery Barn $9.99 and up. Hang them on a wall as art!
Look on your local Craig’s list this antique mirror $20 (this is from Boston’s CL)
Another Boston Craig’s list deal $20 this would make any office look good!

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Let me know your favorite affordable shopping ideas!


























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