Budget Bathroom..Yes, it is Possible

How do you keep a bathroom remodel on budget?

  • Make good decisions and stick with them!
  • When you make a choice that fits with-in your budget, move on to the next item. (I have found the best choices are usually your first choices.)
  • What is your budget? This is your first step, do not get a contractor and then go with their budget, bring them your budget!
  • What is the style or look you are trying to achieve? Transitional, traditional…modern.
  • Have you done your research? Do you know what you need, and what these items cost?
  • Do you have a good contractor? Ask to see jobs they have done, if you have not worked with them.
  • Where are you shopping for items? Have you looked into discount options?

I have an $8k budget for a transitional style kids bathroom I am working on. I need two vanities, a sundry dresser, two medicine cabinets, two faucets, a whirlpool tub and shower/tub faucet.

This Celia Bedilia vanity is $600 with top and sink about $1000 (x 2)  www.celiabedilia.com

These Medicine cabinets are great 18×18 $50 (x2) www.overstock.com

This Kohler whirlpool tub is from Home Depot $980 www.homedepot.com

Sundry Dresser $399 www.potterybarn.com

Faucet $98 (x2) www.faucetdirect.com

Kohler $280

Toilet $280 www.faucetdirect.com

Fantastic Tile 10×48 gray tiles $650 for 64 square feet www.tilesdirect.net

Delta BT14496

Delta Faucet $116.00 www.faucetsdirect.com

This is adds up to roughly $4,800 so that leaves $3,200 for installation. I think it is possible, but now I need to get my subs in to give me their quotes.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any design dilemmas, I can help! Write me with your questions and design issues, attach photos too! I will form a post around your question.

Please let us know your thoughts, by commenting, liking our posts and following our blog!

Thank you for your support.

Best, Celia

2 thoughts on “Budget Bathroom..Yes, it is Possible

  1. I love this … esp the tile online! Title takes forever to shop for, I love that you can mull it over online first! And your vanity is beautiful! Are you going to sell these? If not, u should! I also love that you throw out real budgets …. that is a lucky family, that is a ton going into that bathroom! Anne Stanfill


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