HOT TREND: Comfortable, Relaxed, Vintage Inspired…French Country Furniture

It is interesting to me that the trend of French Country decorating is still hot. I love it, but usually trends come and go more quickly.

I have theorized, that this is because the look is classic and neutral, and it appeals to us during a downturned economy. My clients are making decisions much more carefully and looking for the decor they are choosing to last longer than ever before.

We may use pillows that are fun and risky but we will not choose big-ticket items that are not classic.

French country décor is based in history; the look is timeless and therefore safe! Restoration Hardware has done a lot to bring this look to the masses. French style is not only classic but effortless and relaxed. It works well for today’s lifestyle, of open concept living. Here are some of my favorite French country looks.

The Dining Room furniture is so natural and it has a simplistic formality.

I love this table, look at the detailing on the skirt we can order this…if you need to have one!
So lovely in any space
Wonderful rich mocha linen chair $225/each
Example from House & Home of French Country Dining

Cabinetry is not overly embellished but still very interesting.

I love this it was on Haute Look for $599
Natural Wood and Mirror very French
I adore this cabinet, I do not know why I love it so much

Do not forget to accessorize! Use mirrors, architectural detail and beautiful linens to finish your spaces.

Simple and beautiful in any room
Devil is in the details, do not forget to add the finishing touches
Ah French linens are so fabulous!

Take a seat these chairs are all very comfortable and yet chic.

This is a great Chair from $350
Very beautiful and traditionally French Chair $625/Celia Bedilia                            (our chairs have a natural finish on the wood)

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Let us know your thoughts.

Enjoy fall,

Best, Celia

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