Art…Turns A House Into A Home

This weekend Studio e Partners launched their company. They bring artists and consumers together. They believe that if you make a connection between an artist and a collector the art will mean more to the collector.

I know how important art is to finishing a home, to me it is crucial, but many of my clients are intimidated by art. It is hard for many people to justify the expense, but once they meet the artist they are buying into the relationship!

I love art and I bought several works this weekend.

 The Artists

Robin Hill

Robin Hill is the most incredible bird painter!
Robin Hill’s Owls


Brockie and Jane Stevenson were a big part of our childhood. Brockie’s art is iconic!
I just love the way that Brockie Stevenson shows us a slice of life


Andrew Faulkner…my handsome brother and a wonderful artist!
This is one of my favorite prints of Andrew’s very reasonably priced too!


Steve Burnett is my new favorite artist! I had never seen his work and I am now a collector. I purchased two of his paintings and I am dreaming about buying more!
I love Steve’s birds they are so lovely
Steve uses humor, fear, hope and imagination in all of his work…I am a huge fan!!!

Go buy art and finish your home!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed this look into Studio e Partners! Which one of these artists is your favorite? I also hope you like this post! Let us know by liking it, commenting and following our blog!

Best Celia

3 thoughts on “Art…Turns A House Into A Home

  1. Great post — and so true. I used to run an Open Art Studios tour in Madison, WI as part of my Arts Service Organization and loved being able to connect artists with collectors. Art is such an important component of not just decorating, but life. We love the pieces we collect, and even more so when we’ve had a chance to interact with the artist! One of the things that we do is buy small pieces of art during our vacations. The art then holds wonderful memories and makes such a better “souvenir” than a coffee mug or shot glass!


  2. CELIA BEDILIA- We are so glad that you were such an integral part of the launch of Studio E Partners ( in Washington DC on Nov 2 & 3. We represent 10 visual artists from around the country and you helped create an environment that was warm and personal, yet highly professional. Every detail -from decor to staffing & menu selection-combined to make an unforgettable experience the way that only Celia Bedilia can! We are glad that you purchased art from two of the talented artists as well. The pieces will transform your home and you and your family will cherish the connection to the artist and story behind their work forever.


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