Winter White Wedding

Winter white weddings are festive and elegant. I am planning a wedding for clients on New Year’s Eve. I am pulling together this fabulous wedding in four weeks. The couple contacted me just before Thanksgiving; the date was all that they had decided upon, no location, band, photographer etc. We met a week after we first spoke, and started planning what will surely be beautiful and memorable evening.

The theme of the event is winter white, with a touch of New Year’s Eve. My clients want their wedding to be a fun celebration of their love. I want to make all of their dreams come true. I have all sorts of ideas and cannot wait to get started on bringing this event to fruition.

The first thing the wedding guests will see is the portico of the venue. The columns will be wrapped in garlands with white lights. They will look like this photo from Southern Living magazine.


The semi-circular driveway will be lined with luminary bags with snowflake designs. The entry will be flanked by large arrangements made up of evergreens and lit branches.


Once guests enter the ceremony location they will see a room filled with orchid curtains (as seen below ) and a fireplace and mantle decorated with candles, flowers and magnolia leaf garlands.

wedding bee


When the ceremony is over, guests will move into the reception space.

The room has eight picture window bay areas. Each bay is defined by the columns that flank it. Here is a photo of the room from another event.


The picture windows will be filled with 20” Pizelle paper lanterns from .


We will dress the columns in birch branches with LED crystal garlands.


The ceiling above the dance floor is going to be covered with 3D glass snowflakes.


We will hang star lanterns above the band, and are renting white leather furniture to create a casual party vibe.


We will use silver mercury glass votive holders and vases. The flower arrangements will be simple and low to allow for conversation.


Candle light is an important element in this winter white design. In addition to lots of pillar candles we will use lots of votive candles, both hanging in arrangements (like the ones below) and sprinkled all over the event space.

wedding flower idea

I love these birch wrapped candles from Pottery Barn…these will look great on the mantel.

birch candles

Aside from fabulous flower arrangements that will be done by, candle light is the most important item in this winter white themed wedding decor.

I cannot wait to put this beautiful event together!

Best, Celia

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