Rustic Chic…Comfort, Function & Simplicity


I love the rustic-chic design trend and I love layering items in my design projects. Anyone can go to a chain store like Pottery Barn or Ethan Allen and outfit a room with furniture. The key to good design is using those items as one layer and building upon that with other elements: vintage items, family heirlooms, handmade items (from websites like etsy), art (from sites like studios, wall color, molding, etc.

Personalizing your spaces makes them your own. You need to feel “at home” in your house and we do this through nods to our past. It may be something as simple as a windowsill lined with old coke bottles, vintage linens, or black & white photos.

Rustic-chic allows you to appreciate modern design while adding handmade or vintage pieces to make the spaces comfortable!


Could this be your style?


Beams are so rustic-chic, and I love the use of glass, stone, and wood in these designs!



If this is your style you might enjoy these sites…

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Enjoy your weekend and happy decorating!

Best, Celia

3 thoughts on “Rustic Chic…Comfort, Function & Simplicity

  1. I found your blog through BYW class. I love this look. I have a feeling I’m going to be pinning a lot of your photos on my favorite spaces pinterest board.


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