Maine Home and Design featured Celia Bedilia

One of our favorite projects is featured in the February issue of Maine Home & Design Magazine.

_MG_3023CBD DS LIVINGROOMHarpswell kitchen_MG_3010

Designer: Celia St. Onge
| Celia Bedilia Designs
Photography: Liz Donnelly
Celia St. Onge’s clients did not have a clear idea of what they
wanted their house to become. They loved the location, but the
house itself had no cohesive design style. Originally, the project
was purely cosmetic: a new kitchen, first-floor bath, and paint,
but St. Onge saw greater potential. Her goal: open up the space
and draw all eyes to the stunning view. She achieved this by removing
the interior walls that separated the dining room, kitchen,
library, and family room, creating a flow from the front door
to the ocean. Once the walls were removed, the new kitchen was
installed. Off-white cabinetry and gray granite helped achieve
the coastal look the clients desired. “I loved working with them
because they were very hands-on; the husband did a lot of the
trim work, and his wife was always hunting for interesting pieces
to help furnish the home,” says St. Onge. “This is a wonderful,
peaceful home, and I know the homeowners treasure it.”
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I hope you enjoyed reading about this project, as much as I enjoyed working on it. Stay tuned for our next post on countertop options in 2013.

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Best, Celia

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