Designing a Room Entirely From Etsy

The Weathered Cottage $475

I adore this chair from: The Weathered Cottage $475

The Painted Cottage $1,300

The Painted Cottage has this fabulous sofa for $1,300

Apple Cat Designs $50

Apple Cat Designs has this sweet little ottoman for $50

B Squared Inc $542
B Squared Inc $542

B Squared Inc has this fantastic wine bottle sconce $542

Vertical Flora $55

Cool wall planter full of succulents $55 from Vertical Flora

The Pallet Place $100

Great pallet coffee table from: The Pallet Place $100

Snap Shot Vintage $210

Reclaimed wood is what makes this Snap Shot Vintage side table $210

Mica Blue $38

I love these pillows from Mica Blue $38

Retro Bender $275

Retro-cool lamp from Retro Bender $275

Sew Modish $125

Curtain Panels with great graphics from Sew Modish $125/panel

Cool house sculptures  from Shop $45

Wow it is art that glows! House sculptures from Shop are well worth the $45

J Shears- wonderful art! $900
J Shears- wonderful art! $900

I decided I would try a little experiment, and decorate an entire room with items from Etsy.

It was such fun! I love all the things I picked out. The room is going to be beautiful. Gray and yellow are two colors trending in design, and it was not hard to find them on Etsy.

A room decorated from these vintage and handmade items, is so much more interesting, than buying the same items from a chain store. If you buy everything from Pottery Barn, your home looks like Pottery Barn. If you go to Etsy, you look like a seasoned collector.

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Best, Celia

7 thoughts on “Designing a Room Entirely From Etsy

  1. Really cool items, LOVE the wine bottle lights! Love the painting and the pallet table! I need to get crafting and make my own! Wish spring and summer would get here so I can take some of my projects outside to sand and get going! You inspire me!


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