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A well designed room comes from layering; colors, textures and patterns

We layered color, texture, and pattern to make this room a sophisticated, comfortable and family friendly space.

Our base color was chocolate-brown; we selected a brown suede loveseat, antique sled (coffee table), and rug to set the tone of the room. We then used neutrals for the wall color and the ottomans. The third layer was white linen curtains; they add a light and airy feeling to the space. Hot pink Ikat chairs, fun patterned pillows, and art, add the pop of color, and last layer of our design.

Photos by: Liz Donnelly

I have broken down layers of the room along with the resources.

  1. We have two Greek-key trimmed ottomans, purchased at
  2. Art is often overlooked, but it is an important component to a well designed room. This is by Andrew Faulkner
  3. The Dash and Albert indoor/outdoor rug from anchors the room.
  4. These pillows by add just the right amount of punch to our loveseat.
  5. The paint is Benjamin Moore: Danville Tan, …my favorite.
  6. I think this filing cabinet is wonderful looking and so useful. It came from Home Goods
  7. Our pop, comes from the wonderful pink Ikat chairs, They are from Home Remedies (our go to store) they are so sexy! They can ship these chairs anywhere.
  8. Love the loveseat? We had it custom-made and we can get one for you too.
  9. Do you need linen curtains? We stock a lot of colors and patterns, let us know what you are looking for!

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Do you have a room that needs to be layered or styled?

We are picking one lucky member of the Celia Bedilia family for a free one hour consultation (via Skype).

If you would like to be considered for this consultation, please write to us ( and let us know about the space you need designed. Please include photos with your entry, and tell us why you deserve to be selected. We look forward to hearing from you!

Happy spring!

Best, Celia

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