How the World Wide Web can help you with your next design project.

The internet is such a wonderful tool if you are contemplating a new home improvement project. Naturally your first stop could be

If you are designing new kitchen, check out it is Pottery Barn’s design site.

If you are just poking around and want to look at a lot of before and after shots, I like .

A site you may not know about but I love this is a great resource.

Of course is the go to design website. I use it daily!

Are you pinning? Well you should be! One of the most inspiring sites is… .

There are also DIY sites like , and these sites offer step by step how to directions.

hgtv diy

It is so exciting to have all these design ideas at your finger tips! Get started and let me know what your next project is going to be!

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Best, Celia

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