Designing for teen girls is so much fun! As you can see purple was our color of choice. I used black, white and grey as the accent colors to tone down the purple. The room is made up of the following items.

  1. The white bed, dresser and bedside table are all from Ikea
  2. The fun hanging lights are also from Ikea
  3. Desk chair covered in an UGG rug
  4. Desk is from Staples
  5. I love this black decal Dali Decal
  6. Silk pillows Fur pillow
  7. Groovy velvet chair

tween room

Teen rooms do not have to be boring or expensive, have fun designing your teens room!

Let me know your ideas for teen design by commenting on this post, or liking it!

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Happy Summer.

Best, Celia

I hope you have enjoyed this post.

3 comments on “Budget Friendly Teen Room Design

  1. Oh my Celia… This teen bedroom is off the chain as my 21 year old would say. Love, love purple and how it is played with through the room…And the decals? Well, awesomeness!!!!!


  2. Purple is my favorite color. This room was made to sleep in.


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