Does your Dining Room Need a Spruce Up?

Does your Dining Room Need a Spruce Up?

short-white-pleated-slip-covers-for-Dining-Room-Chairschair slip cover 1

How about slipcovers for your dining chairs? I love the look of these short skirted slipcover. It is so chic.

Are you thinking about any easy DIY project you would like to share? I hope you are enjoying summer. Thank you for stopping by!cover/index.html

I am going to give this a try…I think…I will let you know!
Best, C


  1. I had a customer bring me a Martha Washington Bedspread and asked if I could make dining room chair slipcovers – which I did – and they looked fabulous! I wish I had a picture to post. This was a great idea and the look and feel was fantastic. It gives a crisp, clean and casual look, but not shabby chic casual….your fabric selections make a big difference in the end result.


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