Photo Shoot Styling 101

I have been so busy lately that my posts have been suffering, time to get back on track.

I just finished a two-day, whole house photo shoot. Home magazines make it look effortless but just ask Anne (my trusty sidekick), it takes a lot of work to get a room just right.

When styling a room for a magazine, advertisement or even a portfolio, you want to use props that appeal to the masses and nothing seasonal. It is tempting to use Mums in the fall for example, but you do not want do this. Realtors make this mistake all the time, photographing a home in the winter and not updating the listing with new photos in the spring.

One more tip; edit your spaces. Take the time to pack away family photos, kids art and your collections. Make the spaces look real but clean and neutral.

I try to keep things simple. I like white flowers, fresh herb plants, glass and silver. These items look good in all homes.

Anne snapped these photos of my props from today’s shoot.

DSC_0195 DSC_0202 DSC_0190

When styling open shelving, pick one color and collect all of the items you have in this color. Here we went with white, I love white dishes!

kitchen 1

Books make fabulous props. In the photo below we used a collection of old books, a silver tea service and a white orchid.

The photos below were taken by my photographer Liz Donnelly.


Here we used white starfish, herbs, and an orchid to highlight the beauty of this eat-in kitchen.


In this bedroom, I used white bedding and flowers, silver vases, and a glass lamp.



So remember if you are paying for professional photos, take the time to style your space!

  • Keep it clean and simple, use white, silver and glass.
  • .Edit your spaces, put away knickknacks.
  • Take the time to style your space.

Thank you for stopping by. Let me know your thoughts by commenting on the post. If you have any questions ASK!! As always if you are not already following Celia Bedilia please click the follow button!

Best, Celia

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