Kitchen Renovation

Hello Everyone,

Here are the photos of my newly renovated kitchen. My photographer Liz Donnelly, did a fabulous job capturing this space. We love our homes open floor plan.

To remind you…here are the before pictures.



In the photo below you see our leather swivels chairs these are great because they allow you to watch TV or towards the kitchen.


I used black as an accent to break up the monochromatic color scheme.



One of my favorite features is the nickel gap board backsplash.


When we renovated we added a bar sink, I love having two sinks.



The dining area seems to fit better with the new kitchen.


Below you can see the entire space, when we renovated, we removed all the walls and replaced them with columns. We love this space.


What do you think? I am very happy with the results. Have you done a renovation lately? What did you do? What would you have done differently?

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Best, Celia


11 thoughts on “Kitchen Renovation

  1. Looks just great! Cheerful and warm …. and does your following know that u are a professional grade chef as well? What can’t you do???? U are amazing!


  2. Celia
    Bedilia. The marble counters, pale colors with black accents are so handsome!The photos are amazing, but it is even more beautiful in person. You have the magic touch. (can you come here an help me with our new home?)


  3. The last photo shows just how open this renovation made this home. It looks spectacular. It opens up the home and give it so much space and room. Great Job.


  4. great post..!! you share all the information about kitchen renovation. it is very important for those who really want to remodel our kitchen it is also very helpful for my business also for more information you can also check out at:-Cutting-Edge Renovations and Extensions specialize

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