Simple Farm Fresh Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers do not have to be fussy, expensive or structured to be beautiful. Flowers are amazing, just let them be the star!

Here are some photos of the flowers and décor from a barn wedding I did in Maine in August.

Here are the flowers in the raw.

drake bucket 1

The after shots are by wedding photographer: Tiffany Converse

tent drake

The tent was filled with flowers, it smelled so fresh and clean.

flowers girl

The flower girl was so cute!!

detail drake

I just love the way these crab apples looked tire to the railing.

kitchen door drake

This was the back door…imagine what the front looked like!

table numbers

Here is one of the table numbers the bride’s father did the numbers, on these wood slices I commissioned.

drake tables

The burlap runners were just the right touch to tone down the formality of the all white tables, and the mason jars added  a casual nod to farm life.

ceremony drake

The ceremony was lined by these loose hanging arrangements.

Below are collages I made with photos taken by my co-worker Anne Sowles, isn’t she amazing?

flowers drake

Clockwise: 1.small mason jars filled with flowers for the cocktail tables, 2. the largest of the mason jars used on the tables (I used 3 sizes), 3. Hanging flowers that lined the entry to the barn, 4. Bridal bouquet, 5. Napkins tire with fresh herbs, 6. A Bridesmaids bouquet

drake 22

Clockwise: 1. Maine of honor’s bouquet, 2. Smallest of the mason jars for the tables, 3. Ceremony flowers, 4.More napkins, 5. boutonnieres, 6. The making of the bridal Bouquet. 

I think this shows you what can be done with less than $2,000 in flowers. That sounds like a lot, but we had over 200 arrangements on the tables, we had hanging  arrangements lining the path of the ceremony & to the barn and tent, we did the bridal flowers, and several large arrangements too!

If you have a wedding in the near future I would love to hear about it!

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Best, Celia

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