Bathroom on a $4k budget

Hello my wonderful followers.

I am starting a bathroom renovation on a strict budget! I have $4k for the entire project. The home is a 1940’s colonial-ish home.

We need a toilet and this one from Lowes will work it is $328


The next purchase is the sink, we are working with a small budget and a small space so a pedestal is our best option. This one is $707.78 from Lowes (odd price I know)

pedistal sink lowes


The faucet is going to look great (we are doing brushed nickel) and it is only $203.68

faucet ag


For sake of the budget we are keeping the tub but we are re-tiling the surround with this gray glass tile $20.83 a square foot. We have about $360 of wall space. I love glass tile because you can edge with it and forgo bull-nose tiles…which I think are dated looking.

glass tile


The floor will be done in these wonderful natural stone tiles at $10.98 sqft not bad so the room will cost us $658.80



The tile guy quoted me a not to exceed price of $700 for the job.

The plumber said it would take him about 3 hours to install the new sink and toilet @ $75/hour  $225.

We will spend about $450 to paint the walls and trim.

So I think we can do it for $3,633.26 and then we have $366.74 for towel racks, mirror,  etc.!

Do you think we can do it? Can we stay in budget?

Let me know your thoughts!

Best, Celia

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