DIY Wedding Centerpieces for under $35

Why are flowers such a big part of your wedding budget? Because you are paying for art! Flowers set the tone for the wedding, they tell your story.

I love flowers and admire the artists that work with them. Flowers are finicky, and there is a lot of waste when arranging perfect bouquets.

If you want to do your own arrangements here are some ideas all under $35 that are great for wedding centerpieces.

All Photos by Liz Donnelly all Arrangements by Celia St.Onge

1. Bird Vase from Chive vase $22.50 flowers $8.50 total $31.00 these are a real show stopper!


2. Bird Vase with fancy carnations $8 of flowers


3. Urns full of assorted flowers: Urn $12 & Flowers $12.50 total $24.50

LDP_9285 LDP_9289

4.  Tray of plants, candles and nests $35


5. Mini bottles of flowers – bottles $.50-$1.25 each flowers $10 bunch total $18


6. Antique Bottles $1 each and Flowers $25.00 total $32.00


7. Orchid, Curly Willow & Moss $24.00 (Trader Joes had inexpensive orchids)


8. Roses in Glass Cubes $10 vase $10 roses $20

IPHONE314 220

9. Rustic Candles arrangements $10


10. Mason Jar Arrangements $35


11. Mason Jars full of spring plants $13 for everything, jars, plants, soil etc.


I hope my arrangements have given you some ideas if you are planning to arrange your own centerpieces, I hope you see that they can be beautiful and still inexpensive!

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Happy Spring!

Best, Celia


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