Ideas for an Industrial-Chic Wedding

I am doing a wedding in late July. I have been trying to pin-point the theme and I have come up with relaxed industrial-chic!

We are using a lot of architectural salvage. I went to the large antique fair in Brimfield, MA with my friend Robyn last week. I found some wonderful pieces, including two chunky columns (that will serve as altar pieces), two fantastic antique urns, and four industrial coffee tables.

We are renting the following items

1. Harvest tables


2. These for wine bars


3. (5) Wine Barrels that will be surrounded by stools and serve as our cocktail tables.


4. This is the soft seating for the lounge areas

pb carlisle sofa

5. Dining Chairs


6. We will be mixing in round tables with white linens and burlap overlays.


Here is the lighting for the wedding.

1.The wine bottle light will go over the main bar. This is from Etsy.


2. These will go over the dance floor with the metal ones wrapped in lights.

ef44d2bafe6b457843e10cfa01fe1653 71370_00

3. We have two lounge areas flanking the dance floor. I will hang these lanterns over the coffee tables in the lounge area.


General Décor

1. These wonderful vases will line the walkway into the ceremony, the urns will be used at the entrance to the ceremony area. I love these…I want some of them for myself!

78035_00 78031_00

2. The ceremony will have a structure like this over the bride and groom. I just love this look…so cool. I will have glass globes with succulents and flowers hanging from the structure.

087928a11e2c1dfb6975118720b1bfc3 43605

3. I will also be using these items to decorate for the wedding. Earthy elements work well with the industrial chic look!

96600 69500 96580 98680 burlap ribbon



4. We are going to use brightly colored farm fresh flowers. Our colors are purple, yellow, red and white. I am going to use a lot of herbs and greens too! They will really pop against the washed out look of the industrial pieces.

I love these bright bouquets from Pinterest. I will also use succulents like these also from Pinterest. The curly willow in the bottom arrangement is fabulous!

859ea580f39f42fb22840a0a6ee362a4 56bf6a79a3fb6a2ef8ebdc343bd0843d31d56ea03c535a18bcdf601c3cd825d445b486cea27f11aac3568743a387d66781c7ef503c1a52ce13ea71493c959539

So these are some of my ideas for the wedding. Do you have any ideas that you think would make this wedding complete? I am always open to suggestions.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed this post let me know by commenting or liking it!

I hope you are all happy and healthy!

Best, Celia



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