Bright, White, Clean and Fresh

It is a new year! Happy 2016. I love January, time to put away the holiday decorations and refresh your home.

I not only want to clean and organize in 2016, I want to brighten up my home and bring life into it..to keep the winter blues at bay.

Here are some of my favorite organizational ideas for 2016.

Clean pantry love it!  Ideas from http://www.ASavoryFeast.com
Oh how I would love my office to look like this, maybe if I work until 2017 on cleaning it up and implementing systems it will happen! http://www.bhg.com
Shoes in order, something my mudroom desperately needs. http://www.hgtv.com
We all need this right? I would love to have my charging station in a drawer and not all over my kitchen counters. http://www.bhg.com
This is so cleaver! I am going to do this for my daughter, you add magnets to your make-up and then it can be stored on a magnetic board or you can even paint your bathroom walls with magnetic paint! http://www.goodhousekeeping.com
I love this idea for spices if you have a rustic kitchen, if not you can hide your spice in a drawer! http://www.theidearoom.net

I feel like house plants give me so much pleasure in the winter. In a sunny window you can grow herbs, scented geraniums or bulbs. I like the lavender because it it pretty low maintenance. It is is happy with lots of sun, and water when it really drys out…easy right?

Photos by Liz Donnelly

Here I mixed lavender, orchids and ferns with moss and branches. WWW.CELIABEDILIA.COM
Here I am reusing my Christmas mini cedar trees, I cannot bear to throw them out, so I add them into woodsy scenes in my home. http://www.celiabedilia.com
I also love topiary herbs, Rosemary and lavender lend themselves well to being trained into lovely smelling shapes. http://www.celiabedilia.com
OK you all know I love orchids! http://www.celiabedilia.com
This is one of my favorite arrangements. I use this terracotta compote bowl all the time! http://www.celiabedilia.com

I love white in the new year there is something so appealing about it.

Bright and clean bedroom, I love white bedding. http://www.coastalliving.com
Love this bathroom from countryliving.com it is so clean and bright…that makes me happy!
Oh how I want a true laundry room…this is interesting as it appears to be a pantry/laundry room. http://www.hgtv.com
Although this bathroom is not all white it has a lot of white and even on the most dreary Maine day it looks bright! Photo Liz Donnelly http://www.celiabdeilia.com

What are you doing this January to spruce up your home? Are you brightening things up, or do you like to add warm colors to your home in winter?

Let me know your thoughts, comments and questions. Feel free to comment on this post or like it! Thank you for stopping by! Happy New Year!



I just did a photo shoot so stay tuned I have lots of great ideas coming!


3 thoughts on “Bright, White, Clean and Fresh

  1. Love these photos and ideas. I lost my only house plant in my recent move. I need to get down to Skillin’s soon and replace it. Keep sending the ideas, I need help in my new house!


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