Great rooms and open concept living is here to stay. We have evolved from compartmentalized living to multi purpose living spaces. Today we want one room to have multiple functions, just as we want our phones to do many things. We are multi tasking as a way of life, I think some of us only have virtual free time.

This home shows us exactly how one space can serve many needs, as the living, dining, kitchen and TV area share one space, but they feel separate.

Quadrant 1:The Kitchen, which utilizes two walls of this shared space, the Island helps to define this area.

Photo: Liz Donnelly

Quadrant 2: The TV area, This space is directly in front of the kitchen and shares the cabinet wall with the kitchen. The TV wall, (not shown) is in line with the living room wall. This area also has the access to the deck and backyard.

Photo: Liz Donnelly

Quadrant 3: This is the living room area, it shares a common wall with the dining room space. The front staircase and front door are located in this “formal” section.

Photo: Liz Donnelly

Living section looking towards the dining room.

Photo: Liz Donnelly

Quadrant 4: Dining, the dining area is just off the kitchen and the living space. This is great entertaining space, the island serves as the buffet.

Photo: Liz Donnelly
Photo: Liz Donnelly

What do you think about open concept living? Do you like the idea of everything happening in one space? Do you function better when everything & EVERYONE is close together, or do you prefer closed spaces to get away?

Thank you for stopping by, I really appreciate you  reading my blog! Let me know if you have any questions or comments. If you like this post please let me know by liking it or commenting.



2 comments on “One Room Four Quadrants

  1. Nicole Perry

    Loved seeing your house–DONE!! It looks great ! xoxo

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