Spring is coming and that means bulbs

If you follow my blog you know how much I love flowers, and that I also have a great affection for mason jars. Spring allows me to marry these two wonderful elements together! This is something I have shared with you before, but I never get tired of this look. The bulbs are so sculptural and fresh in the mason jars. Sometimes I line the jars with moss but most of the time I like to see the dirt…there is something nice about dirt.

In the photos below you can see that I used curly willow to support the mini daffodils. If you want to take the spring theme up a notch you could use pussy willow. I also tucked some birch bark in-between the jars, and mini birds into some of the jars to add another element to my table.

Photo: Liz Donnelly


Photo: Liz Donnelly
Photo Liz Donnelly
photo: Liz Donnelly

I am so excited that spring is coming! We are looking forward to getting outside again. I see lots of projects in my future.

Happy Spring I hope you are all well.



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