To me details are everything!

photos: Liz Donnelly

In my life details are everything. In both parts of my business, I pay attention to the littlest detail. I want a wedding to look and feel a certain way and the same is true for a home.

Bridal and Baby showers can be ho-hum, if you don’t dress the space correctly. This baby shower was at Dockside Grill, Falmouth, ME. A gift table must have flowers, these mini arrangements were tucked between the gifts, so as not to over shadow them.


I also added a self serve candy bar, you need sugar to get you through the gift opening…which takes altogether too long in my opinion!


We created a comfortable area to open the gifts too, Mom to be, BFF, and two grandmothers to be can all sit together.


I love adding unexpected vignettes to weddings too. It allows me to bring more of the bride and groom into the event. Here we used a dingy for a self serve water and soda station. The bride managed a marina so this was a nod to her.Marr_Wedding2


In interior design, it is imperative that you add a level of detail that reflects the home owner. I love this photograph of a kitchen I did in Harpswell, ME the pottery is so soft and sweet just like the owner!

Kitchen with white cabinets

I love this home and the homeowners. They did not want to see the TV and so we hid it behind barn-doors, that side over the shelves when opened. The result is a lovely built in, sometimes the biggest feature in a space is part of the build out.


You do not need to overpower a space in order to add character to it, here we used white elements to finish our look.


In this home we choose the curved arch as the attribute to focus on. We picked the pendant and sconce to mimic the flow of the arch. This space was made perfect with the addition of the home owners fantastic art collection!


No one does details like Italians ! You know I am obsessed! look at these three water features in Tivoli (photos below I took, I don’t want you to think Liz did them)




I love layers in a home, or in event design. I think people really appreciate the collected look and attention to detail.

What matters to you when designing a room or event? I you enjoyed my little tour of details.

Best, Celia



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