Bali…Vivid, Peaceful Beauty

I have just returned from a ten-day trip to Bali. It is such an inspiring place. The landscape is incredibly lush, the colors of the sky and plants are so vivid. The vibe of the island is peaceful and respectful. I really enjoyed the architecture, landscaping and the use of sculpture. Art is such a part of daily life naturally, this really appealed to me.

I thought I would share some of my photos.

Water is prominently featured in the Bali landscape, the vegetation is so lush, and the incorporation of sculpture finishes the look beautifully.

IMG_7096IMG_7115 I love the ocean, the water in Bali was such an incredible color. We have a rocky coast here in Maine, but nothing that compares to the cliffs in Bali.


These are some of the examples of the incredible artistry of the Balinese people.


I came back from my travels thankful for the experience, refreshed and inspired to design!


Hope you enjoyed seeing Bali through my eyes. Thank you for stopping by.



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