Tropical Design Ideas

I am currently working on a project in Florida. It is such fun to take a break from coastal Maine style and dive into tropical design.

Here are some of the things I am using in this project.

  1. Sofas I love them!

living sofa

LM-3663-WH-L_lg 2. Accent Lights for bookcasesLM-6107_lg3. Love these driftwood lamps

4. Bench for front hallSCH-550390_product1-658x432SY-SDN808_lg5. Fun mirrorwr-ws105-gr_lg6. Sitting room chairs

7. Paper wall art…cool right


8. Bleached wood upholstered guest bed


9. Fun coffee table for the kitchen soft seating area


10. Fun side tablessidetables

11. Dining benches for the kitchen table2429

12. Wallpaper for the foyer ceiling I love this look so much!


I love the vibe of this place. It is going to be a very elegantly casual. The home owners like quality and style, but they want their guests and family to feel at home.

I cant wait to see everything come together!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you like my selections.



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