Interior Design trends for 2019

Elle Decor Kitchen: Elle Decor features this kitchen as an example of this year’s trends.
When studying this year’s design trend forecasts, I noticed that mixed textures are in this year. Here we see matte natural wood, marble, high gloss cabinets, and metal. I love it! Last year we saw mixed metals…silver mixed with gold etc., this year it is all about texture.
Domino highlights the continuation of neutral palettes mixes with black and white, and inviting comfortable furniture looks like it is here to stay!
House Beautiful featured this bathroom in its 2019 trend outlook. I love the slab-wall shower and the mixed woods here in the floor, vanity, and stool…very on trend!

This year is going to be an exciting year for CB Designs. We are launching our European tours, high lighting design, food, and fashion, We are offering visual, culinary, and floral art classes and we are working on several amazing homes and events. I feel blessed to have such a fantastic team and look forward to everything that 2019 has to offer.

Please let me know what you are planning this year! Thank you for stopping by feel free to suggest topics for this year’s blog posts.

Happy 2019



2 thoughts on “Interior Design trends for 2019

  1. Celia! You are amazing! Look where you have brought your business.

    I hope you have a wonderful, prosperous, creative, joy-filled 2019!

    I miss you! xoxo

    Take care,

    Shay Johnson 207.615.3228



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