Minding the gap, from boomers to millennials in design

Mind the gap…a phrase I am familiar with having spent time studying in London. If you have ever ridden the tube you know the phrase. It came to mind to me today as I was processing a meeting I had yesterday. I was thinking about design as a way to mind the gap between baby boomers and millennials.

Yesterday, I met with potentialclients for a commercial retail design job. One of the business owners gave mea tour of their current production facility and mentioned he was 29, he explained that people his age were comfortable with the product they produced,but older people in their 50’s (my age) werenot as comfortable.

As an avid consumer myself, and a former retailer I thought, they might be missing the mark. Baby boomers remain the largest living adult generation. Maine is the oldest (age per capita) state in the nation. If I were developing a product for the masses, I would most definitely keep boomers in mind. I think not only minding the gap but bridging the gap would help both millennials and baby boomers evolve!

So, I am hoping to design a retail space that reflects both young adults and older ones like myself.  This is a wellness store, what do you like in a wellness store?

Do you like the black trimmed glass? I do but do you?

Does this textural wallpaper appeal to you?

Do you like to see natural elements brought into retail spaces, stone, and wood?

How important is lighting to you? I like this ceiling where they added light to the vaulted ceiling panels.

What are the most important factors for you when you shop? In this case, we are selling a spa/medical product. What words come to mind for you when you are thinking of wellness centers?

Please let me know. I may not be picked for this project but I would still be interested in your feedback! Please comment below~

Thank you for helping!



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