Coastal Condo Before & After

I have just completed a really fun project. We transformed a 1980’s average condo into an incredible chic retreat.

Photos by Liz Donnelly.

Before:Prior to the renovation there were too many columns, several types of flooring and a busy tray ceiling.


After: we removed the columns where possible and opened up the space. We added ship-lap to the fireplace and a new window to the living room.



Before: The kitchen was the largest transformation. Before the renovation the kitchen was closed off from the rest of the unit, now it is one fluid space.


After: The space is so airy and fresh now. I adore the ice blue marble tile it brings the ocean feel into the kitchen. The hood was custom made for the space, I love the glossy white enamel finish.


Before Dining Room & Railing: In the former dining room you felt closed in by the columns and railing. Now the space is open and welcoming.




Hall before and After: we created a cased opening with a proper entry,  which allowed us to gain living space. The new entry was defined by a ship-lap wainscoting and grass-cloth wallpaper. Just beyond the entry we added a console table to catch keys, and mail etc. The result is very elegant. I love the Brockie Stevenson print above the console table.



The master bedroom was dark and dreary. We stripped the wallpaper, added a ship-lap wall/fireplace and some simple touches.



I am so proud of this beautiful home renovation, the results are stunning.

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The New Dockside Grill

We just finished the face lift at the Dockside Grill, in Falmouth, Maine. I thought I would share the before and after photos. I am really proud of the outcome. The owner and her daughter worked very closely with me choosing every detail!

Photos of the newly renovated restaurant by Liz Donnelly

casco_new4 (1)casco1casco2dockside7-Editdockside196dockside209dockside336dockside352dockside381dockside396dockside419-Edit-Edit (1)

We used reclaimed wood to make the tables locally, and all of the furniture was made in the USA! This space is so cozy and welcoming now.

If your ever in the area please stop by The Dockside Grill in  Falmouth, Maine for the best lobster roll in town.

Thanks for checking in! What projects are you doing? I am so excited to paint my home this summer!




Refreshing Your Home For Spring

Spring is coming to Maine, I know it has arrived in much of the country…but winter hangs around here a bit longer. I am done with winter, I need to spruce up my house and prepare for my favorite season…summer.

1. Remove all wool rugs and replace with indoor/outdoor and cotton rugs. This really brightens up my home and lengthens the life of my wool rugs too.

Before: (photo by Liz Donnelly)

Living Room
Living Room

After…this cotton Dash & Albert rug ( Home Remedies  brings color into the room…I love it!

summer rug 1

2. Time to do some indoor planting…It is still too cold to plant outside. Here are my favorite inexpensive planters, mason jars, soil, curly willow and spring bulbs and herbs. The herbs will be moved outside in June. (photo by Liz Donnelly)


3. New pillows…I rotate my pillows for the season. Here are some of my favorites options for spring. From, and

jonathon adler

west elm pillow william sonoma

4. OK this is strange but I love this Jonathan Adler Coffee maker and it brings new life to the kitchen., I also adore these drink jars, and linen napkins from

michael graves coffee maker31279854_105_b23973845_000_b


5. I love the idea of new spring and summer dishes too! I have some fish dishes that were my parents and I use them in the summer…they feel fresh and fun! These plates from Dwellings 207-781-3711 and are great for any season.

fish plates


william sonoma plate

6. Spring Summer Bedding…a must!, http://www.bunnywilliams,com,

pinecone hill quilts

bunny williams

pottery barn bedding

7. If you need outdoor seating…these benches from, are fabulous and they come in tons of fun colors.

bench 43152_main

8. Lastly, do you need outdoor planters? check out and



prod1676381 prod1676383

I am getting so excited for summer! I have a child graduating from high school this June, so I need to spruce up both the inside and outside of my home for his party.

I have to paint my deck…I attempted this last year, and did not complete it…this year is a must.

What are you doing to get ready for summer?

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Need inspiration for a kitchen renovation? Look at these before and after photos!

Are you considering renovating your kitchen? Here are some of our favorite before and after kitchen renovations.

Before highlights

  • Cool Disco Lighting
  • Grungy natural wood trim
  • Red laminate counter
  • Black backsplash
  • Red fan hood
  • Oak cabinets
  • Mishmash of appliance styles and colors
  • 1980’s vintage chairs and ottomans

before kitchen1

After Highlights Photos: Liz Donnelly

  • Light bright cabinets
  • Antique pendant lighting (over the island)
  • African mahogany island top
  • Carrera marble countertop
  • Great tufted leather swivel chair
  • New stainless appliances
  • New prefinished hardwood flooring
Kitchen from TV area
Kitchen from TV area


TV area
TV area

Wow, what a difference new cabinets and flooring make!

Notable items in the before shots…

  • Green laminate cabinets
  • Rough wood wrapped peninsula
  • Groovy lighting
  • Out of date…not vintage flooring
  • Laminate counters…to go with the cabinets!
  • Black appliances to go with…?



Ah…the after what a difference. Photos: Liz Donnelly

  • I love these mushroom color cabinets
  • The wood ceiling looks so much better when it is surrounded by painted cabinets
  • New stainless appliances perk up the space!
  • The quartz counters are fantastic too!
  • It is so bright and light now

Charest kitchen1 charest kitchen2 charest kitchen3 charest5

I love this kitchen transformation, it does not look like the same home…


  • Too much oak
  • Wall to wall cabinets excessive open storage…looks messy and busy
  • Dated lighting, easy thing to change
  • Hanging pots and pans bring the ceiling height down

Gendron Office 043


AFTER… OMG RIGHT? Photos: Liz Donnelly

  • We removed the French doors, and replaced two doors with one wide opening
  • Notice there are no upper cabinets…light and bright
  • We added a bank of windows and brought the outside in
  • New light painted cabinets are Candlelight Cabinetry
  • The green granite is fantastic. The homeowner had to make this last-minute swap when the slabs we ordered came in damaged! I love the result.
  • The new pendants are Hubbardton Forge Lighting
  • We had Paul G White order and installed the tile backsplash


window marsanskis LDP_8205-Edit

One of my favorite before and after projects

  • Dark cherry cabinets with brass hardware…1980’s special
  • Boring brick fireplace
  • White track lighting…dreary
  • Black appliances…depressing

Black and Brown kitchen

alice 10

After…WOW Photos: Liz Donnelly

  • New chic lighting
  • Wonderful white Candlelight cabinets
  • Bright wall color
  • Amazing granite
  • Wood breakfast bar
  • View now the star!!


_MG_3041 _MG_3135

This before and after did not take much but the impact was huge!

  • Replace appliances
  • Paint cabinets
  • New track-lighting
  • Add the island


I love these after shots! Photos: Liz Donnelly

  • I love the paint on the cabinets, makes the room so bright and light
  • The new island was a great find, an antique English pine cabinet, made into a kitchen island.
  • New range and fan finish the update look!
After shot of the kitchen
After shot of the kitchen



We also have kitchens that we did in homes that we built from the ground up, No before photos just after!

Photos: Jamie Salomon

I love the lights in this kitchen-photo Jamie Solomon


Photos below: Liz Donnelly

photo:Liz Donnelly


photo:Liz Donnelly
photo:Liz Donnelly

I love looking back at before pictures, I appreciate the renovation results so much more when I see where we have come from!

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Happy January…we are bitter cold in Maine, I hope you are all staying warm!

Best, Celia

Wow Christmas is coming…here is a peek at my house!

christmas 2014 001

Vintage homes and figures

christmas 2014 033

My Aunt Celia’s Dollhouse…dressed for the season.


My homemade snow globe.

christmas 2014 041  Q

New take on an old friend, the felt deer-head…who doesn’t love this?

christmas 2014 029

Dine with us in our indoor winter woods.


Birds on Branches


I want to wish Happy Holidays to the wonderful and supportive followers of my blog.  Thank you all for a fantastic year!  I will be back in 2014 with loads of your favorites, quick tips, mini-makeovers, and before-and-after pics.

As we enter a new year, I hope you’ll remember to be Grateful for family and friends, Thankful for a job, and Mindful of your health.  Most of all,  forget the slights and injustices of others– “laisse tomber”, as the French say–let bygones be bygones! And approach the new year with a fresh start.

Wishing you health and happiness in 2014!


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Bathroom on a $4k budget

Hello my wonderful followers.

I am starting a bathroom renovation on a strict budget! I have $4k for the entire project. The home is a 1940’s colonial-ish home.

We need a toilet and this one from Lowes will work it is $328


The next purchase is the sink, we are working with a small budget and a small space so a pedestal is our best option. This one is $707.78 from Lowes (odd price I know)

pedistal sink lowes


The faucet is going to look great (we are doing brushed nickel) and it is only $203.68

faucet ag


For sake of the budget we are keeping the tub but we are re-tiling the surround with this gray glass tile $20.83 a square foot. We have about $360 of wall space. I love glass tile because you can edge with it and forgo bull-nose tiles…which I think are dated looking.

glass tile


The floor will be done in these wonderful natural stone tiles at $10.98 sqft not bad so the room will cost us $658.80



The tile guy quoted me a not to exceed price of $700 for the job.

The plumber said it would take him about 3 hours to install the new sink and toilet @ $75/hour  $225.

We will spend about $450 to paint the walls and trim.

So I think we can do it for $3,633.26 and then we have $366.74 for towel racks, mirror,  etc.!

Do you think we can do it? Can we stay in budget?

Let me know your thoughts!

Best, Celia

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Kitchen Renovation

Hello Everyone,

Here are the photos of my newly renovated kitchen. My photographer Liz Donnelly, did a fabulous job capturing this space. We love our homes open floor plan.

To remind you…here are the before pictures.



In the photo below you see our leather swivels chairs these are great because they allow you to watch TV or towards the kitchen.


I used black as an accent to break up the monochromatic color scheme.



One of my favorite features is the nickel gap board backsplash.


When we renovated we added a bar sink, I love having two sinks.



The dining area seems to fit better with the new kitchen.


Below you can see the entire space, when we renovated, we removed all the walls and replaced them with columns. We love this space.


What do you think? I am very happy with the results. Have you done a renovation lately? What did you do? What would you have done differently?

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Laundry Room/Closet Makeover

I love the way this laundry room turned out. What do you think?
I hope you are all enjoying summer.
Best, Celia

Maine living Magazine

before laundry
Day 1:
1.Remove all the crap from shelves
2.Spackle holes (I skipped this step…I do not show the public my laundry closet & I do not mind the holes)
3.Paint walls and shelves – Ben Moore: HC 170-Stonington Gray.
4.Let dry

•Mini roller & tray
•Putty knife
•1 1/2 inch paint brush

End of Day 1

painted laundry

Day 2: Wallpapering a focal wall in laundry room/closet

shelf liner

I am wallpapering the back of my laundry closet with contact paper. It is an inexpensive way to get a fresh new look in a small space.

Here is the step by step directions for wallpapering with contact paper.

If this appeals to you check out the selection of shelving liners on Amazon link below.

I wanted a little drama and fun in my laundry area, I spend a great deal of time in this space. I love the results.

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Bad Summer Weather…Turn to Flower Arranging

LDP_9292 (2)

This summer is flying by, but the weather has been less than stellar. My daughter said, “Mom, this is my summer vacation, I am supposed to be going to the beach and enjoying the outside” life lesson kids…you can’t control the weather. It has either been hot and humid with thunder storms, or cloudy and humid with thunderstorms this entire summer.

Honestly, in Maine we pay our dues in the winter with horrid weather, we earn our summer. I want cloudless skies and dry heat!!! Fortunately, the weather has cooperated for one friend’s graduation party and looks good for another planned for this Sunday.
To occupy my vast indoor time this summer, I have been playing with flowers. Several months ago, I bought old glass soda and beer bottles, mostly from Boston and Portland. They are so pretty, some are clear, while others are a soft blue.

While I was surfing the web, (because the ocean is too fogged in) and came across this article


Although I was not inspired to flip my find, I did retrieve them from the basement, dust them off, and fill them with flowers! I love this look because it gives you a big bang for your buck. One bunch of supermarket or farm-stand flowers goes a long way.

photo: Liz Donnelly
photo: Liz Donnelly

What do you think? What are you doing to fill your time this summer? I hope this fog and rain lifts and we can enjoy summer…I am molding.
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Old Medicine Bottles are great for small flowers…see below


Maine Home and Design


Mini Makeover Before & After

Yesterday, we did a mini makeover for my favorite client. I know I am not supposed to play favorites. If your read this blog religiously (as you should), you know I really do love all my clients. This particular client has been with me for years and has become a dear friend.

Our mission was to spruce things up and take some of the formality (or “old lady” look as she put it) out of the home. A fresh makeover that adds a coastal feel to the home, this was right up my alley!

We had already purchased the new French linen chairs (see pricing below) for the space, and we replaced the original rug (which I never liked).

Yesterday, we added the little tufted linen chair (see pricing below), Pottery Barn pillows which we moved from her bedroom (free), lamps from the basement (free), and we removed the (“old lady”) window treatments!


Before: Beautiful but too formal
Before: Beautiful but too formal

After: Still formal but less stuffy!


living room

Very beautiful and traditionally French Chair $725/Celia Bedilia
Very beautiful and traditionally French Chair (ours has natural wood not black) $725/Celia Bedilia

We added this cute little chair $500…great deal!


I hope you are all having as much fun as I am! Do you have a room that needs a makeover? Feel free to send me photos with questions.

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Best, Celia

Staging A Home Helps You Get Top Dollar

Data shows that homes that are staged sell much faster than un-staged homes. Professional stagers and designers know how to arrange your rooms to highlight the assets of your home, and camouflage the flaws.

Here is a home we just staged for clients of ours.

Before of living
Before of living
Staging Day one...painting, and furniture removal
Staging day one…painting, and furniture removal

To stage this room we…

  1. Painted the room (Farrow & Ball: Borrowed Light)
  2. We removed most of the furniture
  3. We replaced the coffee table with a larger table that grounds the space
  4. We re-hung all the art to the right height and coordinated the subject matter (all art about the coast of Maine)
  5. We added coastal touches as the home is a block from the water and people want to buy the coastal feel! The Barn Pottery pillows add a lot to the space without a spending a lot!

After (same view as before shot)

Dining Room Before

After Dining: New chairs & curtains make the room

Before Foyer: Table and Light were too big


After of Foyer: More open and welcomingDSC_0275

Before Kitchen: Not much too change…just new chairs


TV Room becomes bedroom: bedrooms add value


?????????????? ?????????????????


If you want to see the entire house look at the listing below

We had a great time doing this project. We are working on the home owners new house and it is going to be spectacular!

Stay tuned for more before and after projects.

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Best, Celia

Photos:Anne Sowles