It was so much fun to work on this Mastermind wedding elopement shoot. Photos by Kelly Payeur ( Celia Bedilia did the floral and event décor.

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This project makes me smile, it is a dental office.

Falmouth Dental Arts have moved into a new space and I am helping them with their design. We want to have a coastal, relaxed, professional vibe without being too coastal. So we are using greys, whites, soft blues and charcoal, and lots of textures. We are mixing textured wallpaper, woods, concrete, velvet, wool and glass.

We are putting together a plan to transform the new space into a hip office. I have to say I love the employees of this office, they are fantastic. The Dentists Brian and Adonis are so approachable, I can only imagine how amazing they are at their jobs.

Although we had a bit of a rough start having to move into the space before it had been renovated, things are really coming together now! We have painted, wallpapered, added tile and shiplap to the fireplace, and much more!

Here are some of the products & furnishings we have selected.

Wallquest grasscloth in grey has been installed and looks great!
I adore this rug it is perfect, it is interesting, durable, and beautiful.
These Four Hands Chairs are so hip and cool, the perfect vibe for these doctors.
Side tables that will stay in place are very important in commercial spaces, these cement tables will be great.
Natural elements, like this wood coffee table, add depth to the design.
Magazine racks that double as side tables, yes please.
This is the Celia Sofa, my design for Pasha Home Furnishings.
We are making one in a light blue-grey in this project.

All right that is your sneak peek when the project is done I will photograph it and show you the end results.

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Playing with greens from the garden

Hello All,I have been fanatically practicing the skills I gained at the London Flower School! As I think I have mentioned, there is a big movement in Europe to go foam free in floral design. They choose to use chicken wire for the mechanics of their arrangements, rather than foam. I am hoping to go foam free when possible for my weddings. I am a big believer in the concept that if you put in the time you can master any skill. This summer I am going to master floral design using chicken wire!I am hoping to get one of our guest instructors from London to come do a floral retreat in Maine in 2019! I think a weekend of flowers, good healthy food, yoga and bonding would do a lot for ones soul!Here is today’s practice!Step one: Make chicken wire mechanics.Step two: Forage for greens and strip them of any leaves that would fall below your water line a promote bacteria and cloudy water.Step three: Go for it! In this case, I am making something for my kitchen island, so it will be viewed from all sides. I did not want to buy anything for this arrangement as it is just for me, so I only added a few blooms to it. As always, if you like this post let me know by liking it or commenting on it! Thanks for stopping by have a beautiful weekend!Best,Celia

The Making of a Maine Wedding

This weekend, I had the pleasure of putting together a fantastic Maine wedding. It was at The Dockside Grill at Handy Boat Marina, in Falmouth. We built the tent on the dock of the boat yard…it was so cool!

I had the arbor below, built for the ceremony. I used vintage Indian security gates, and then stained and aged the spruce frame to finish the look. Then, I added plants, vines and roses to complete my vision!

Thank you, to my BFF Anne Sowles, who took these fabulous pictures of the set-up. When the professional pictures are done, I will post them too!

DSC_0020 (3)

DSC_0045 (2)DSC_0027DSC_0043 (2)DSC_0041 (2)DSC_0039DSC_0038 (2)

DSC_0064 (2)

The tent was spectacular no poles, clear sides and glorious views! We filled it with fragrant flowers, candles and rustic touches.

The head table, made up of two wood harvest tables, had a table runner of greens and flowers and floating candles.

My assistant Lindsey seen below helped pull the entire concept together for me!


The photos below show the process, cylinder vases, greens, then flowers, bear grass, water and floating candles.

DSC_0005DSC_0024 (2)DSC_0025DSC_0048 (2)DSC_0051

The other tables had white linens, burlap runners and European vases filled with huge pale yellow, white and blush roses, green hydrangeas, and white peony’s.

DSC_0047 (2)DSC_0062DSC_0037 (2)DSC_0008 (2)DSC_0007 (2)

I am so proud of the way this wedding turned out. The flowers were so stunning, they practically arranged themselves. I hope you have enjoyed this sneak peak at my weekend!

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Coastal Trends

As many of you know most of my work is on the coast of Maine. I am always looking for new ideas and trends.

Here are some of the things I am currently obsessed with.

  1. Downsview Cabinets. Are these so pretty? I love them!


2. Ironware lights. Made in France finished in the USA. Tres Chic


3. X-Surfaces – fireplaces So pretty, simple yet classic.


4. Sutherland Furniture – Hampton Collection. Who wouldn’t want to hang out on the patio in this wing chair?


5. Pindler Fabrics outdoor fabric line by Richard Frinier. They are so sophisticated and timeless.


6. Brizo plumbing fixtures. I love the twisted tub filler and the shower is so cool!!!


7. This swivel is functional and pretty!


8. True-residential matte black refrigerator with copper hardware. YES PLEASE 


9. Global Views- Artistic and natural!!!


10. Christopher Peacock Hardware. There is something so appealing about this hardware.


11. New Ravenna Tile…Ahhh I adore this.

Tatewaku Mosaic Backsplash

12. Hotel experiences  are coming home. Pinterest is full of these simple beautiful bedrooms.


I also find this Highland House bed to be very unique and pretty.



I love where the industry is going these days. The look is rustic sophistication…it is lovely.

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Coastal Condo Before & After

I have just completed a really fun project. We transformed a 1980’s average condo into an incredible chic retreat.

Photos by Liz Donnelly.

Before:Prior to the renovation there were too many columns, several types of flooring and a busy tray ceiling.


After: we removed the columns where possible and opened up the space. We added ship-lap to the fireplace and a new window to the living room.



Before: The kitchen was the largest transformation. Before the renovation the kitchen was closed off from the rest of the unit, now it is one fluid space.


After: The space is so airy and fresh now. I adore the ice blue marble tile it brings the ocean feel into the kitchen. The hood was custom made for the space, I love the glossy white enamel finish.


Before Dining Room & Railing: In the former dining room you felt closed in by the columns and railing. Now the space is open and welcoming.




Hall before and After: we created a cased opening with a proper entry,  which allowed us to gain living space. The new entry was defined by a ship-lap wainscoting and grass-cloth wallpaper. Just beyond the entry we added a console table to catch keys, and mail etc. The result is very elegant. I love the Brockie Stevenson print above the console table.



The master bedroom was dark and dreary. We stripped the wallpaper, added a ship-lap wall/fireplace and some simple touches.



I am so proud of this beautiful home renovation, the results are stunning.

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The New Dockside Grill

We just finished the face lift at the Dockside Grill, in Falmouth, Maine. I thought I would share the before and after photos. I am really proud of the outcome. The owner and her daughter worked very closely with me choosing every detail!

Photos of the newly renovated restaurant by Liz Donnelly

casco_new4 (1)casco1casco2dockside7-Editdockside196dockside209dockside336dockside352dockside381dockside396dockside419-Edit-Edit (1)

We used reclaimed wood to make the tables locally, and all of the furniture was made in the USA! This space is so cozy and welcoming now.

If your ever in the area please stop by The Dockside Grill in  Falmouth, Maine for the best lobster roll in town.

Thanks for checking in! What projects are you doing? I am so excited to paint my home this summer!




Details made the difference in this weekends Maine barn wedding

I think it is the details that make the difference between a great wedding design and a run of the mill wedding.

Liz Donnelly, 207.712.1837,  took all these photos and they are amazing. 

The Wedding was at William Allen Farm, the owners of this farm are fantastic to work with!

Here are some of my favorite photos

1. You know I love mason jars!

photo Liz Donnelly

2. Burlap runners on white tablecloths are beautiful.

photo by Liz Donnelly

3. Simple place settings are the best as the look so crisp and clean photo: Liz Donnelly

4. Lining your vases with Hosta leaves add a nice touch of color and hide the stems. photo:Liz Donnelly

5. Cloches with twig balls and fairy lights add whimsy photo:Liz Donnelly

6. Table numbers do not need to be boring these wood slices are awesome! photo: Liz Donnelly

7. When surrounded by fresh flowers the flame-less candles look less fake 🙂 photo: Liz Donnelly

8. Floating orchids are a very reasonable and effective photo: Liz Donnelly

9. I like to use tones of votives…you cannot have too much candlelight photo: Liz Donnelly

10. Using simple pale flowers on the harvest tables makes them pop! photo:Liz Donnelly

11. Do not forget to dress the walls, especially in a barn wedding~ photo: Liz Donnelly

12. I love these crates the owner of the farm loaned me photo: Liz Donnelly

13. Soft seating is a must!!!!!!! Everyone wants a place to hang out. photo: Liz Donnelly

14. Benches help with adding a casual feel to some of the tables Photo: Liz Donnelly

15. Here is one of the flood tables i created interest above with these grapevine displays and added spheres of lights to the table. Photo: Liz Donnelly photo: Liz Donnelly photo: Liz Donnelly photo: Liz Donnelly

16. These shepherds hooks are great to define spaces in this case an outdoor seating area. photo: Liz Donnelly

17. Ribbons are lovely they as they catch a breeze and add movement to a space.

18. I used black and white photos on the walls with flowers and candles to personalize the space

19. Old bottles and mason jars of flowers also add interest to the wall of the barn

20. The loft allowed Liz Donnelly to take these fabulous photos

21. Here is how we set up the loft, 2 wine barrels with stools and a sofa

I hope you enjoyed seeing my vision come to life! I am back to interior design for a while! Thank you for stopping by let me know your thoughts by commenting and liking the post!!!

Best, Celia

Holiday Decorating for Clients

I love this season, I get to check in with my old clients and decorate the houses I have designed with/for them. We have some wonderful projects that we are breaking ground on in January so we are enjoying this peace!

Here are some of the decorations we have done for clients this year. All the photos below were taken by my right & sometimes left hand gal Anne Sowles.

Dining tables

2014-12-09 12.36.34 2014-12-09 12.37.45 2014-12-09 12.40.15

2014-12-03 17.10.59 DSC_06002014-12-03 17.10.43

Buffets & Sideboards

2014-12-03 17.13.14 2014-12-03 17.13.33 2014-12-09 12.31.32 2014-12-09 12.31.44

DSC_0599 DSC_0592

I hope you are all enjoying this festive season. I am so looking forward to celebrating this year with my family. Two of my siblings and their families are coming to Maine from California! I cannot wait to see them.

Happy Christmas and Best to you and your family in 2015.



Home Goods

Pottery Barn








Decorating Windows, Doors and the Mudroom for Christmas

Oh boy where has the time gone? It is already time to decorate for Christmas. I decided to start with the outside with the doors and work my way inside to the mudroom and windows.

1. I made this wreath with Boxwood, Ribbon, Starfish and Sand Dollars. This was taken during the day but I put lights on it too, and I just love it! It cost about $23 total.

Photos: Liz Donnelly


2. Just inside this door is our mudroom, this is a very busy space! The dogs hang out here and so do all shoes, and backpacks. Here I have used a 36″ magnolia wreath, sugared pears, and burlap ribbon. It kicks off my holiday décor in a big way. Olive our little dog loves the new addition to the space…our Lab is not sure it suits her, so she is still hanging out on the benches.




3. The next step was to decorate the windows. I love these silver glittery reindeer, I added mini silver Christmas balls all are hung with fishing line. On the windowsill I have used pine branches, extra silver balls and a small arrangement of Peonies. It is simple but very pretty.




I have gotten a lot done over the last few days. The next post will be on holiday table-scapes. I hope you like my doors, windows and mudroom!

Happy decorating.

Best, Celia

Thank you Liz Donnelly for the photos!!!


Phoebe Porteous, Amazing Maine Artist

If you follow my blog, you know that I think art is a must in every home! Art finishes a room, acts as the focal point, or even sets the entire palette for a space. Maine artist Phoebe Porteous’s art is just the right addition to any home.

I have been captivated by the work of  Phoebe Porteous for several years. Her work has been come very popular, and as a result her original painting are not inexpensive. The Elizabeth Moss Gallery who represents Porteous, has found a way to make her work more affordable. They are offering prints of her work, this will allow me to use her work in many more of the homes I design.


Look at her site to see if there is a print you love.


To learn more about Phoebe read her biography below:

Phoebe Porteous has spent her life exploring the landscape – the lakes, mountains, and coastline ­– of Maine. In the eight years since she began painting, she has turned those explorations into vivid and colorful paintings that portray the essence of the state. Her work looks at the relationships between colors in nature as well as the changing quality of light.

Artist’s Statement

In my paintings I try to capture the sense of timelessness in Maine, to capture what I love about Maine and what I loved about my childhood. Many of the places I choose to paint are places I have visited throughout my life, and I try to distill the essence of what I have always found there.

I often begin paintings on site and then move into my studio. It is there that I look for the rhythm in the painting and pay attention to the texture of the paint. This is the time when I edit details, shift a building, move a tree, and simplify the scene. When enough layers of color have been laid on to satisfy me, there is a glimpse of the moment that captured my interest initially.

I need the feeling that I know a place before I can put it on canvas. Maine is in my genes, in my bones, and in my senses. I paint when and where I can, always looking for that scene or that light that catches you up and holds you and makes you almost cry for its simplicity, purity, color, and clarity.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, and that you will not only look at her work on but you will add one of her prints or paintings  to your art collection!

I love this one it is so beautiful!


Enjoy the last official weekend of summer.

Best, Celia


Maine’s Best Wedding…or at least best of 2014

I planned and executed the most amazing wedding this weekend! Here is the story of the weekend in photos. The theme of this wedding was neutral, industrial, rustic chic! The only pop of color came from the flowers. I hope you enjoy the wedding as much as I did.

Here is the walkway that leads to the event.


DSC_0286 DSC_0287

Here are the two tents under construction. They built a deck that served as the foundation for the tents. We had a clear tent for the ceremony that we turned into a lounge…so cool!

ceremony tent and party tent


The rentals arrived…



The Lighting is next.

1. Lindsay put together all these spheres and added the lights.

lindsay at work sphere

The lights are so sweet.

shere 101

This is how we added them to the tent on a grid with a very tall ladder…thankfully my husband did this for me!

spheres on site DSC_0147

Here is what the lighting over the dance floor looked like in the end. I had babies breath balls to hang with the lights.

lighting above dance

Now we bring the whole vision together with…

  • Wine barrel bar tables and chairs
  • Wooden cross-back chairs
  • Harvest tables
  • Industrial coffee tables
  • Linen chairs and sofas
  • Sunbrella fabric ottomans
  • Hanging candle lanterns
  • Metal lattice lanterns
  • Flowers and more flowers!!!!
  • Votive candles
  • We made burlap overlays for the tables.
  • We had a boat next to the bar for drinks.
  • We took tree roots and added succulents…they were fabulous…

DSC_0261 DSC_0259 lounge area DSC_0262


DSC_0247 DSC_0249 DSC_0251 DSC_0256 DSC_0264 DSC_0272 DSC_0265 DSC_0267 DSC_0268 DSC_0269

Here is the ceremony tent set up!

  • Lindsay added the hanging vases and flowers.
  • I constructed the arrangements that made up the alter area.
  • Snell Family Farm provided the flowers and my grapevine arbor hung from the roof od the tent.
  • We added grasses & mint in copper buckets to finish the aisle.

DSC_0237 DSC_0278

DSC_0273 DSC_0275 DSC_0276

The final result was fantastic!


This wedding was so much fun to do….but it was a ton of work! I know the bride and groom were very happy with the décor and so was I. It was worth the hours of planning, lugging, and flower arranging.

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Resources for the wedding: