Decorating For Fall…Before it is Too Late

Decorate for fall…before it is too late. I wish we could slow down this season. When did we start Christmas in October? Most of us enjoy celebrating the holidays. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, as I love to cook and entertain. I thought I better do my fall post quickly before it is too late!

  1. Keep your front door simple like this one from


I love this fall planter photo by Liz Donnelly


2. Feathers are great accents in fall decorating. These arrangements came from and


3. Don’t be afraid to add vegetables to your tablescapes. Artichokes are a wonderfully architectural vegetable they add a lot of depth to this centerpiece from


4. Succulents are still is vogue, and I love this wreath from the Etsy site The Little Succulent Shoppe.


5. I like to add new house plants to my home when I move inside for fall. I will be cursing my need for this plants in a month when I am trying to find a spot for them when I decorate for Christmas. These topiary’s  from Snug Harbor Farm.

Here are some of Snug Harbor Farms beautiful plants on my dining table.
Photo: Liz Donnelly

So today I am getting down to business and decorating for fall!

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PS Here are my girls decorating for fall!


Fall is decorating season…let’s go shopping

Fall is here and we are all turning our attention back inside. I for one, see lots of things that need to be addressed.

It is time to line up the pros, to tackle some of these items. My powder room is my current project. I started wallpapering it last week, and that highlighted my real to do list…new floor, vanity, and fresh paint for the trim.

I hope to get this done before thanksgiving. I am going to visit our daughter in Italy, but my husband is hosting his family at our house. So I guess I better get cracking!

I thought I would share some of the things I am looking into adding to my home this fall.

  1. Vinyl floor mats for my powder room or kitchen:  Spicher & Company-available at Home Remedies 207-899-0135. These come in tons of cool vintage patterns and colors and are reasonably priced!

floor mat


2. Liquid Metal Paints: Sydney Harbor Paints…mimic metals and are amazing.

I am thinking of painting my powder room door with the Aged Zinc paint then adding some cool hardware, maybe even a door knocker!


3. Trompe l’oeil doors: from, add architectural detail to any space, could be fun in a laundry room…something to look at while you fold.


4. Wallpaper that adds texture, l think these are great playrooms or TV rooms. The tin would be cool on a ceiling.

scrapwood02_1000x1000 tin paper

5. Faux Bois…you know this is one of my favorite things ever!

This wood pouf is fabulous…


6. Indoor plants in pretty pots…a must for me in the fall.

Screenshot 2015-11-01 12.52.10 (2)

7. This time of year is a great time to get new everyday dishes. I adore these Portuguese plates, simple and beautiful.


8. Lighting is another important thing to add in the fall as it gets dark early! I love these, very pretty

bath light

dining lights

9. Cozy seating is useful in every room. These chairs are among my favorites this season. There is something for everyone!

cada56-q10000_prm_1 cken-c2-362_prm_1

jes chair



10. Cookware becomes more important on the East Coast,  as we are grilling less.  I love Cristel’s removable handle stack-able cookware This is very nice if you do not have a lot of storage in your kitchen.


What are you planning to change in your home this fall? Given that I am doing my powder room and going to Italy, I might not get to adding many of these ideas to my home, but I can dream!

I hope you are all doing well. Thank you for stopping by. Let me know if you like this post by liking it or commenting.

Best, Celia