My favorite new wedding trend…floral table runners.

I did the flowers and décor for a wonderful wedding last weekend. My favorite floral arrangements were the floral table runners. I had such a good time making these and the flowers from Snell Family Farm, were AMAZING!

I thought I would share the step by step directions for how to make these beautiful arrangements. All the photos were taken my amazing friend Anne Sowles, who with my other friend Deb Hides made this wedding possible!

Step 1: Start with beautiful flowers. Here are the flower buckets filling my garage.

Step 2: Sort your flowers and strip them of their thorns and leaves.

Step 3: Cut floral foam to fit your trays. The soak your foam in lukewarm water. These trays were 12″ x 20″ x 1″.

Step 4: Cover the foam with moss, make sure you wet the moss and pull it apart so you can stick flowers through it with ease.

Step 5: Add your greens, I like greens that spill over the sides. This is seeded Eucalyptus.

Step 6: The fun part…add your flowers!

Here is the final product! It was really pretty!

In addition to these table runners I had some tables with groupings of floating candles and some soft seating with small arrangements. I love the mix of long tables and soft seating around the dance floor.

DSC_0383 DSC_0385 DSC_0391

This wedding was so much fun, but I have to say I am looking forward to fall and getting back into interior design.

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Maine’s Best Wedding…or at least best of 2014

I planned and executed the most amazing wedding this weekend! Here is the story of the weekend in photos. The theme of this wedding was neutral, industrial, rustic chic! The only pop of color came from the flowers. I hope you enjoy the wedding as much as I did.

Here is the walkway that leads to the event.


DSC_0286 DSC_0287

Here are the two tents under construction. They built a deck that served as the foundation for the tents. We had a clear tent for the ceremony that we turned into a lounge…so cool!

ceremony tent and party tent


The rentals arrived…



The Lighting is next.

1. Lindsay put together all these spheres and added the lights.

lindsay at work sphere

The lights are so sweet.

shere 101

This is how we added them to the tent on a grid with a very tall ladder…thankfully my husband did this for me!

spheres on site DSC_0147

Here is what the lighting over the dance floor looked like in the end. I had babies breath balls to hang with the lights.

lighting above dance

Now we bring the whole vision together with…

  • Wine barrel bar tables and chairs
  • Wooden cross-back chairs
  • Harvest tables
  • Industrial coffee tables
  • Linen chairs and sofas
  • Sunbrella fabric ottomans
  • Hanging candle lanterns
  • Metal lattice lanterns
  • Flowers and more flowers!!!!
  • Votive candles
  • We made burlap overlays for the tables.
  • We had a boat next to the bar for drinks.
  • We took tree roots and added succulents…they were fabulous…

DSC_0261 DSC_0259 lounge area DSC_0262


DSC_0247 DSC_0249 DSC_0251 DSC_0256 DSC_0264 DSC_0272 DSC_0265 DSC_0267 DSC_0268 DSC_0269

Here is the ceremony tent set up!

  • Lindsay added the hanging vases and flowers.
  • I constructed the arrangements that made up the alter area.
  • Snell Family Farm provided the flowers and my grapevine arbor hung from the roof od the tent.
  • We added grasses & mint in copper buckets to finish the aisle.

DSC_0237 DSC_0278

DSC_0273 DSC_0275 DSC_0276

The final result was fantastic!


This wedding was so much fun to do….but it was a ton of work! I know the bride and groom were very happy with the décor and so was I. It was worth the hours of planning, lugging, and flower arranging.

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Resources for the wedding:


Two of my ideas were featured on Houzz!

Maine Style Graduation

Hello All:

My son Jack graduated from High School this week (thank God), and better yet…he is off to college next year! He asked for a lobster bake…he is a Maine boy after all.

I wanted it to be an elegant but casual event. I bought bandanas for the napkins, ‘How to Eat a Lobster’ plates,  14″ wide Burlap ribbon, shells and sea glass to decorate with. We set up rental tables with white linens, and white folding chairs in the backyard. My nephews hung white paper lanterns from the trees.

The Menu: Maine lobsters, grilled vegetable kebobs, salad and best of all my sister-in-law Tina, made one of her famous cakes!

Edith, my very clever sister, made name cards with “I know Jack is in the room when…” on the top, and each guest filed in something below. They were all very funny and it was a great ice-breaker for the cocktail hour!

My wonderful brother Andrew, from California made a video with clips from all of my siblings, nieces and nephews congratulating Jack and telling stories about him. My brother is an incredible web designer, the video was professional and was the hit of the party.

One of my clients loaned me a professional/industrial lobster cooker…Thank you Becky!

We feel so lucky that our family flew and drove to Maine from NYC, Florida, Virginia and Washington DC to celebrate with us.

Here are some of the photos from our “Lobsta Bake”

The Bar: very important on a hot day!


We hung 30 lanterns in the backyard and it was magical. At about 2:00 am, (when I was up, thinking about the mess downstairs) I looked outside and my yard was glowing. It was so lovely!


We had 40 guests…only 15 of which were not family.


Here is a close up of the graduate’s table. He had such a wonderful time at his party, he thanked me several times…this as we all know is rare for an 18-year-old boy.


I hope you enjoyed seeing our party. I am so exhausted, but it is worth it. Thank you for stopping by, I hope you like this post let me know by liking or commenting.

Best, Celia

Next Post: will be back to interior design!



Ideas for an Industrial-Chic Wedding

I am doing a wedding in late July. I have been trying to pin-point the theme and I have come up with relaxed industrial-chic!

We are using a lot of architectural salvage. I went to the large antique fair in Brimfield, MA with my friend Robyn last week. I found some wonderful pieces, including two chunky columns (that will serve as altar pieces), two fantastic antique urns, and four industrial coffee tables.

We are renting the following items

1. Harvest tables


2. These for wine bars


3. (5) Wine Barrels that will be surrounded by stools and serve as our cocktail tables.


4. This is the soft seating for the lounge areas

pb carlisle sofa

5. Dining Chairs


6. We will be mixing in round tables with white linens and burlap overlays.


Here is the lighting for the wedding.

1.The wine bottle light will go over the main bar. This is from Etsy.


2. These will go over the dance floor with the metal ones wrapped in lights.

ef44d2bafe6b457843e10cfa01fe1653 71370_00

3. We have two lounge areas flanking the dance floor. I will hang these lanterns over the coffee tables in the lounge area.


General Décor

1. These wonderful vases will line the walkway into the ceremony, the urns will be used at the entrance to the ceremony area. I love these…I want some of them for myself!

78035_00 78031_00

2. The ceremony will have a structure like this over the bride and groom. I just love this look…so cool. I will have glass globes with succulents and flowers hanging from the structure.

087928a11e2c1dfb6975118720b1bfc3 43605

3. I will also be using these items to decorate for the wedding. Earthy elements work well with the industrial chic look!

96600 69500 96580 98680 burlap ribbon



4. We are going to use brightly colored farm fresh flowers. Our colors are purple, yellow, red and white. I am going to use a lot of herbs and greens too! They will really pop against the washed out look of the industrial pieces.

I love these bright bouquets from Pinterest. I will also use succulents like these also from Pinterest. The curly willow in the bottom arrangement is fabulous!

859ea580f39f42fb22840a0a6ee362a4 56bf6a79a3fb6a2ef8ebdc343bd0843d31d56ea03c535a18bcdf601c3cd825d445b486cea27f11aac3568743a387d66781c7ef503c1a52ce13ea71493c959539

So these are some of my ideas for the wedding. Do you have any ideas that you think would make this wedding complete? I am always open to suggestions.

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I hope you are all happy and healthy!

Best, Celia



DIY Wedding Centerpieces for under $35

Why are flowers such a big part of your wedding budget? Because you are paying for art! Flowers set the tone for the wedding, they tell your story.

I love flowers and admire the artists that work with them. Flowers are finicky, and there is a lot of waste when arranging perfect bouquets.

If you want to do your own arrangements here are some ideas all under $35 that are great for wedding centerpieces.

All Photos by Liz Donnelly all Arrangements by Celia St.Onge

1. Bird Vase from Chive vase $22.50 flowers $8.50 total $31.00 these are a real show stopper!


2. Bird Vase with fancy carnations $8 of flowers


3. Urns full of assorted flowers: Urn $12 & Flowers $12.50 total $24.50

LDP_9285 LDP_9289

4.  Tray of plants, candles and nests $35


5. Mini bottles of flowers – bottles $.50-$1.25 each flowers $10 bunch total $18


6. Antique Bottles $1 each and Flowers $25.00 total $32.00


7. Orchid, Curly Willow & Moss $24.00 (Trader Joes had inexpensive orchids)


8. Roses in Glass Cubes $10 vase $10 roses $20

IPHONE314 220

9. Rustic Candles arrangements $10


10. Mason Jar Arrangements $35


11. Mason Jars full of spring plants $13 for everything, jars, plants, soil etc.


I hope my arrangements have given you some ideas if you are planning to arrange your own centerpieces, I hope you see that they can be beautiful and still inexpensive!

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Happy Spring!

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Planning an amazing Pinterst wedding

Are you planning a wedding? I am planning a few weddings this season and I am always looking to Pinterest for inspiration!

I found all of these ideas on Pinterest! Get pinning…people!


candles mm wedding


Kerry Quade...the master!
Kerry Quade…the master!
Pinterest popcorn
Pinterest popcorn



ceremony drake

I am planning a few weddings this season and I would be lost without the following sites.

Let me know if you have a favorite site!

Best, Celia

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I am happy: Flowers to wear and music to dance to

I love this blog! I hope you will too!
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The London Flower Lover

Beloved Flower Lover,

I am happy shoes and flowers



The Team


The London Flower Lover

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My favorite holiday ideas

I hope you enjoy my favorite holiday decor ideas for 2013!

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Simple Farm Fresh Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers do not have to be fussy, expensive or structured to be beautiful. Flowers are amazing, just let them be the star!

Here are some photos of the flowers and décor from a barn wedding I did in Maine in August.

Here are the flowers in the raw.

drake bucket 1

The after shots are by wedding photographer: Tiffany Converse

tent drake

The tent was filled with flowers, it smelled so fresh and clean.

flowers girl

The flower girl was so cute!!

detail drake

I just love the way these crab apples looked tire to the railing.

kitchen door drake

This was the back door…imagine what the front looked like!

table numbers

Here is one of the table numbers the bride’s father did the numbers, on these wood slices I commissioned.

drake tables

The burlap runners were just the right touch to tone down the formality of the all white tables, and the mason jars added  a casual nod to farm life.

ceremony drake

The ceremony was lined by these loose hanging arrangements.

Below are collages I made with photos taken by my co-worker Anne Sowles, isn’t she amazing?

flowers drake

Clockwise: 1.small mason jars filled with flowers for the cocktail tables, 2. the largest of the mason jars used on the tables (I used 3 sizes), 3. Hanging flowers that lined the entry to the barn, 4. Bridal bouquet, 5. Napkins tire with fresh herbs, 6. A Bridesmaids bouquet

drake 22

Clockwise: 1. Maine of honor’s bouquet, 2. Smallest of the mason jars for the tables, 3. Ceremony flowers, 4.More napkins, 5. boutonnieres, 6. The making of the bridal Bouquet. 

I think this shows you what can be done with less than $2,000 in flowers. That sounds like a lot, but we had over 200 arrangements on the tables, we had hanging  arrangements lining the path of the ceremony & to the barn and tent, we did the bridal flowers, and several large arrangements too!

If you have a wedding in the near future I would love to hear about it!

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Photo Shoot Styling 101

I have been so busy lately that my posts have been suffering, time to get back on track.

I just finished a two-day, whole house photo shoot. Home magazines make it look effortless but just ask Anne (my trusty sidekick), it takes a lot of work to get a room just right.

When styling a room for a magazine, advertisement or even a portfolio, you want to use props that appeal to the masses and nothing seasonal. It is tempting to use Mums in the fall for example, but you do not want do this. Realtors make this mistake all the time, photographing a home in the winter and not updating the listing with new photos in the spring.

One more tip; edit your spaces. Take the time to pack away family photos, kids art and your collections. Make the spaces look real but clean and neutral.

I try to keep things simple. I like white flowers, fresh herb plants, glass and silver. These items look good in all homes.

Anne snapped these photos of my props from today’s shoot.

DSC_0195 DSC_0202 DSC_0190

When styling open shelving, pick one color and collect all of the items you have in this color. Here we went with white, I love white dishes!

kitchen 1

Books make fabulous props. In the photo below we used a collection of old books, a silver tea service and a white orchid.

The photos below were taken by my photographer Liz Donnelly.


Here we used white starfish, herbs, and an orchid to highlight the beauty of this eat-in kitchen.


In this bedroom, I used white bedding and flowers, silver vases, and a glass lamp.



So remember if you are paying for professional photos, take the time to style your space!

  • Keep it clean and simple, use white, silver and glass.
  • .Edit your spaces, put away knickknacks.
  • Take the time to style your space.

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Magical Barn Wedding

DSC_0036This weekend I had the pleasure of putting together a wedding at The Barn at Flanagan Farm ( ), in Buxton Maine. It was magical! We really played up the rustic farm theme. I always love my job, but I love it more when my clients are as delightful and thoughtful as this family.

This is the barn.

DSC_0042 DSC_0043 DSC_0059

Snell Family Farm ( ) sold us these buckets of fresh flowers,  we arranged them in mason jars.


drake bucket 1

The colors of the wedding were coral and navy; they were so crisp and clean-looking!

Here are the table arrangements that I made on site with the farm fresh flowers. We had long tables that seated 16-22 people, with 16 arrangements on each table. Each Mason jar was finished with wide navy ribbon. The flowers were fresh and beautiful just like the bride!

flowers drake 1 DSC_0154 DSC_0095
Details make an event so we tied fresh herbs to each napkin with thin coral ribbon.


We used two widths of grosgrain ribbon on simple glass votives to add a touch of color.


We subtlety repeated the colors in several ways throughout the event spaces. Look how cute the boutonnieres are…I love Straw flowers.

groomsman DSC_0131

We used shepherds hooks to line the walkways and ceremony aisle. I added Ribbon tassels to them that moved with the breeze…it was so pretty. We hung candles and flowers from these shepherds hooks. Here I am making the hanging arrangements for the aisle.


We like to decorate every space even the back stairs!


Below are the wedding bouquet being made (on site) by Carol Hiltebeitel ( She is amazing. She also does fantastic planters.

making bridal 1 making bridal 3 making bridal 7 DSC_0127 DSC_0128

I am so lucky to have such a great team! I could not have done this wedding without the help of the family and my assistant Lindsey Sowles and Carol. I will be showing the step by step directions for putting together a wedding in coming posts!
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Photos Anne Sowles