5 Inexpensive Ideas to Refresh Your Home & Life

I do not think I am alone when I say we all need a little refresh right now. I am low on event and floral design projects due to COVID-19, which means money is not flowing in, and I am home all the time. I have spent most of my time off in the garden. I have created five new gardens beds in my backyard. I used all seeds and split plants from my front yard and transplanted then to the back. My husband is a banker and loves that I have become thrifty…I will not tell him it is temporary. Today I am focusing on my interior for the first time in months. I needed a little refresh, and I thought I would share my inexpensive ideas. I hope you enjoy them!

Flowers always make my home look clean and cared for. I will go out to the garden after I clean my house and bring in some flowers!

Fresh paint is an incredible way to bring new life to your space. It will cost you $40+ a gallon, but it gives you a big bang for your buck!

I love container gardening; you can do this anywhere if you have a window you can have a garden. I love getting my hands dirty and watching seeds, seedlings, or plants thrive. You can spend just a few dollars to get huge rewards.

Flea Markets are great places to go right now, grab your mask and hand sanitizer, and get out hunting for that statement piece you have been longing to find.

This suggestion is my husband’s favorite because it costs nothing. Rearrange your rooms, try something new, bring a piece of furniture from one space into another. I am moving a chair from my guestroom down to my family room, and moving a sofa from one area to another…moving things motivates me to clean and declutter, and it refreshes the space.

Which of these ideas inspires you to create beauty? What could you do to refresh your home?

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This project makes me smile, it is a dental office.

Falmouth Dental Arts have moved into a new space and I am helping them with their design. We want to have a coastal, relaxed, professional vibe without being too coastal. So we are using greys, whites, soft blues and charcoal, and lots of textures. We are mixing textured wallpaper, woods, concrete, velvet, wool and glass.

We are putting together a plan to transform the new space into a hip office. I have to say I love the employees of this office, they are fantastic. The Dentists Brian and Adonis are so approachable, I can only imagine how amazing they are at their jobs.

Although we had a bit of a rough start having to move into the space before it had been renovated, things are really coming together now! We have painted, wallpapered, added tile and shiplap to the fireplace, and much more!

Here are some of the products & furnishings we have selected.

Wallquest grasscloth in grey has been installed and looks great!
I adore this rug it is perfect, it is interesting, durable, and beautiful.
These Four Hands Chairs are so hip and cool, the perfect vibe for these doctors.
Side tables that will stay in place are very important in commercial spaces, these cement tables will be great.
Natural elements, like this wood coffee table, add depth to the design.
Magazine racks that double as side tables, yes please.
This is the Celia Sofa, my design for Pasha Home Furnishings.
We are making one in a light blue-grey in this project.

All right that is your sneak peek when the project is done I will photograph it and show you the end results.

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Tropical Design Ideas

I am currently working on a project in Florida. It is such fun to take a break from coastal Maine style and dive into tropical design.

Here are some of the things I am using in this project.

  1. Sofas I love them!

living sofa

LM-3663-WH-L_lg 2. Accent Lights for bookcasesLM-6107_lg3. Love these driftwood lamps

4. Bench for front hallSCH-550390_product1-658x432SY-SDN808_lg5. Fun mirrorwr-ws105-gr_lg6. Sitting room chairs

7. Paper wall art…cool right


8. Bleached wood upholstered guest bed


9. Fun coffee table for the kitchen soft seating area


10. Fun side tablessidetables

11. Dining benches for the kitchen table2429

12. Wallpaper for the foyer ceiling I love this look so much!


I love the vibe of this place. It is going to be a very elegantly casual. The home owners like quality and style, but they want their guests and family to feel at home.

I cant wait to see everything come together!

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Refined rustic master bedroom

Refined rustic, is the newest off shoot of the rustic design movement. Here is the concept, use rustic elements, like wood, metal and linen in transitional design.

I am working on a master bedroom for clients, the husband loves rustic and the wife does not. As any designer will tell you, this is common place, designers have to blend styles on a daily basis. Below, you can see the boards I have put together for a master bedroom with a refined rustic-coastal vibe.



master b 3.jpg



A&G bed5


Most of these furniture pieces can be mixed and matched differently. I like my clients to pick out items that really speak to them, so the first set of boards help me hone in on their style.

What do you like and dislike about these options? Are you a fan of the current rustic design craze? Or are you ready to see something new?

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Happy Birthday America!



Coastal Trends

As many of you know most of my work is on the coast of Maine. I am always looking for new ideas and trends.

Here are some of the things I am currently obsessed with.

  1. Downsview Cabinets. Are these so pretty? I love them! downsviewcabinetry.com


2. Ironware lights. Made in France finished in the USA. Tres Chic Ironwareinternational.com


3. X-Surfaces – fireplaces So pretty, simple yet classic. x-surface.com


4. Sutherland Furniture – Hampton Collection. Who wouldn’t want to hang out on the patio in this wing chair? sutherlandfurniture.com


5. Pindler Fabrics outdoor fabric line by Richard Frinier. They are so sophisticated and timeless. pindler.com


6. Brizo plumbing fixtures. I love the twisted tub filler and the shower is so cool!!! brizo.com


7. This swivel is functional and pretty! gabbyhome.com


8. True-residential matte black refrigerator with copper hardware. YES PLEASE trueresidential.com 


9. Global Views- Artistic and natural!!! globalviews.com


10. Christopher Peacock Hardware. There is something so appealing about this hardware.  peacockhome.com


11. New Ravenna Tile…Ahhh I adore this. newravenna.com

Tatewaku Mosaic Backsplash

12. Hotel experiences  are coming home. Pinterest is full of these simple beautiful bedrooms.


I also find this Highland House bed to be very unique and pretty. highlandhousefurniture.com



I love where the industry is going these days. The look is rustic sophistication…it is lovely.

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His, Hers, and Moms…incorporating inherited furniture into your home.

One of my favorite clients called me for a consultation. She and her husband have recently down sized to a wonderful Condo in the city. The problem was, they brought nearly everything from their larger suburban house. Some of the furniture; which I has ordered for their home, was just too big for this condo. To add to this cluttered home, they had just inherited some more beautiful but large furniture from her mother. She asked me to come and advise them on what/how to proceed.

This was an interesting process, one that I myself had been through, and in some ways still battle with. If you are like me,  you become attached to things. When my parents died, everything I had of theirs was sacred to me. I managed to fit, all of the furniture, rugs, and art from them into my home. Later, I would admit that it had become a shrine to them, and a visual reminder to me of what I had lost. It took me time but I decided to regain control of my home again, I had to reevaluate everything I had in my home. That is just what I did!

This room in my house was one of my shrines. Here I had my great grandmothers dining table, art, and knickknacks from my parents home. I thought being surrounded by these things would make me happy, after all I was rich with memories. When I reevaluated, I realized we needed to live in the room, not mourn in it. So I turned it into a living room.







The rug and the art, are all that made it into the new design. I love the room, it is lighter, more fresh and very welcoming.

Since I had to go through this process myself, I knew I could help my clients. I met with them and we developed our game plan.  I made them promise to follow through with my advice.

We started by photographing every piece of furniture and art they owned, and printing the photos. We laid all of them out on the dining room table. I had her arrange the items into three categories Must Keep, May Keep & Could Go.

Once this was done we measured all of the must keep items and started a file with these photos and measurements. The second step was to arrange to sell or donate the Could Go pile, I had not told her but, this was really a must go category :).

Before tackling the final pile we looked for design inspiration on Houzz and Pinterest. I had her pick three photos she liked for each room we were tackling. Once she had done that, we would meet again and continue.

What did these photos tell me? It told me she was looking for a clean, streamline design for her home. Everything was neutral greys, tans and whites…and yet in her must keep pile there wasn’t much that reflected these colors or styles.

One problem many of us struggle with is the fact that we have invested in our furniture, and we think we must keep it forever. Unfortunately, when you move that furniture may not be right for your new space. I told her based on her design aesthetic, it might be time to revisit the must keep pile! I reminded her, we could sell what she does not want to keep!

We are now in that process…I will keep you posted.

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This is not your parents house…design your home for you and your lifestyle

Hello readers, friends, and family,

I have been thinking about what is similar in each of my projects. I am interested in how non designers home evolve.

My home is a work in progress, I love it…but it can always be improved upon. Design is my passion, and I am always looking for creative ideas for my clients and myself.

One thing we see all the time is clients who feel like they are not actual grown-up unless their home resembles their parent’s homes.

I spend a great deal of time educating my clients about how their home needs to fit their lifestyle. You do not need a formal dining room if you only entertain once a year, you might need a family room or an office, both of which would be used by your family every day. You do not need to have a formal living room without a TV; let’s face it we love our TVs! You need to design your home to work for your daily lifestyle and fill it with things you love!

Here are five things I think are unique for a home.

  1. Spicher & Company Vinyl Floor Cloths
  2. Couture Deco’s:  life-size Trompe l’oeil entriesauthentic-parisian-door-trompe-l-oeil

3. Sydney Harbour’s:  Liquid Copper paint


4. The iconic Eames chair

5. Art is a must! This is by Andrew Faulkner

What do you need to make your house a home? Let me know your thoughts by commenting on or liking my post!

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