Fashion Meets Faucets

I have just returned from a four day seminar on plumbing fixtures. When I told my friends I was going to NYC to learn about plumbing, none of them seemed impressed. I was thrilled! Not only was I getting out of Maine in the winter, but I was also going to learn about the 2017  design trends.

Honestly, I had never connected the dots between fashion and plumbing fixtures. I was amazed by what I learned. Ferguson invited me to this intimate conference that Brizo hosted for us. They choose to do their education during Fashion week in New York, because they believe that home design trends closely follow fashion trends. In fact Brizo designs a line with renown fashion designer Jason Wu.

It was fascinating to learn about the Brizo design and manufacturing process. They marry cutting edge technology with high design.

Below are some of my favorite fixtures.

1. This is a fantastic faucet, I am getting one of these ASAP! I love the softened industrial look, and the technology is equally as impressive. This piece has touch technology, temperature technology,and a magnetic system to hold the hose/head to the articulating base.

Artesso Faucet


2. Jason Wu’s line is minimally chic. We went to his fashion show and after party and he was a lovely man.

His fixtures closely match his aesthetic; modern, clean and black. The single hole faucet has a very cool handle, as it turns, it goes from vertical to horizontal. It is such a smooth transition that is becomes more of an interactive sculptural, than a faucet.



3. One of the other faucets I fell in love with is the Virage. It is the sexist tub filler on the market, which is why the Bali Ritz used it in their bathrooms.

It twists from its’ base to its’ spout. The twist adds such sophistication to any space.



4. Lastly, Brizo has an incredible shower technology called H2Okinetic technology.

Here is how they explain it.”H2Okinetic® Technology is the study of water in motion. By controlling water’s shape, velocity and thermal dynamics, we’ve reinvented how you shower—creating a warmer, more luxurious spray that gives the feeling of a high-flow shower with a fraction of the water.”

They also have a state of the art temperature sensing system that monitors and adjusts the cold and hot water to manage a constant temperature.

I think this technology is life changing!


This image shows how the water spins as it leaves the shower-head and the drops get larger as they reach the floor. I tested this out at the conference and loved it!!!


I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of Brizo’s fabulous line. I really enjoyed meeting their team and learning about the process they use to make these beautiful pieces.

I wish I looked like this in the kitchen!


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Coastal Condo Before & After

I have just completed a really fun project. We transformed a 1980’s average condo into an incredible chic retreat.

Photos by Liz Donnelly.

Before:Prior to the renovation there were too many columns, several types of flooring and a busy tray ceiling.


After: we removed the columns where possible and opened up the space. We added ship-lap to the fireplace and a new window to the living room.



Before: The kitchen was the largest transformation. Before the renovation the kitchen was closed off from the rest of the unit, now it is one fluid space.


After: The space is so airy and fresh now. I adore the ice blue marble tile it brings the ocean feel into the kitchen. The hood was custom made for the space, I love the glossy white enamel finish.


Before Dining Room & Railing: In the former dining room you felt closed in by the columns and railing. Now the space is open and welcoming.




Hall before and After: we created a cased opening with a proper entry,  which allowed us to gain living space. The new entry was defined by a ship-lap wainscoting and grass-cloth wallpaper. Just beyond the entry we added a console table to catch keys, and mail etc. The result is very elegant. I love the Brockie Stevenson print above the console table.



The master bedroom was dark and dreary. We stripped the wallpaper, added a ship-lap wall/fireplace and some simple touches.



I am so proud of this beautiful home renovation, the results are stunning.

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Why is the color white so appealing?

According to Wikipedia: “White is an achromatic color, literally a “color without hue”, that is a mixture of the frequencies of all the colors of the visible spectrum. It is one of the most common colors in nature, the color of sunlight, snow, milk, chalk, limestone and other common minerals.”

The color white makes us think of words like pure, fresh, crisp, clean…virginal. psychologically we think of white as representing a “clean slate”. In design it means we can do anything, with a white background you can create anything! I love to use white to simplify a space.

  1. Below the pitchers and the plates are white and it allows for the cookbooks to have color but not look busy.
White pitchers
Photo Liz Donnelly Celia Bedilia Designs

2. In this space the Bar is a big built-in, but because it is white like the trim it appears to disappear into the background.

Living Room Bar
Photo Liz Donnelly Celia Bedilia Designs

3. This bookcase in a kitchen island has a collection of white dishes and then soft mercury glass candle holders. In this example the white makes the vignette more sophisticated looking.

Island with white dishes
Photo Liz Donnelly Celia Bedilia Designs

4. Bathrooms are a fantastic place for white, after all we want people to think clean and fresh when they see a bathroom!

clean looking white bathroom
Photo Liz Donnelly Celia Bedilia Designs

5. Bedroom storage is also a great place for white, this cabinet makes this bedroom look crisp and tidy!

White bookcase
Photo by Liz Donnelly Celia Bedilia Designs

6. This is one of my favorite shots. The white cabinet is so pretty filled with this soft blue and white pottery.

Kitchen with white cabinets
Photo: Liz Donnelly Celia Bedilia Designs

7. The white trim and ceiling make this living room so inviting. So now we see that white is inviting too!

White room with a view
photos: Liz Donnelly Celia Bedilia Designs

8. I use a lot of white when styling photo shoots, as it goes with any decor! These bird vases from are so cool!

White bird vase
Photo: Liz Donnelly Celia Bedilia Designs

9. White is particularly effective in a barn. In these two shots you can see what I am talking about.

White in Barn
photo: Liz Donnelly Celia Bedilia Designs
White Orchid CBD
Photo: Liz Donnelly Celia Bedilia Designs

9. The white tile and accessories really help you see the cabinets, lighting and island in this photo.

White accents
Celia Bedilia Designs

White is so versatile, fresh and crisp, next time you need to choose a color…think of the non-color white.

I hope you are all staying warm, we are very cold here in Maine. It was 1 degree this morning and it will be below zero tonight. I am looking forward to spring.

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Christmas in the kitchen

ALL PHOTOS: Liz Donnelly

Do not forget to decorate your kitchen, after all we spend all our time in the kitchen. If you host parties you know that it is hard to get people out of the kitchen. I think I could have a kitchen with soft seating and a master bedroom suite, but I guess the kids need a place to sleep!

The kitchen island is prime real estate and most people forget to decorate it!

Here is my island. The trees are by Roost, I got them at Home Remedies but they are available in tons of stores! Roost is a wonderful company, I adore their line. The birch animals came from Skillins Greenhouse. The salt votive holders came from Home Goods.

celia_holiday14_39 celia_holiday14_11 celia_holiday14_8 celia_holiday14_7 My kitchen table is another place I like to dress up. We eat most of our meals there and I enjoy these decorations everyday. I used houses I have collected over the years and little figures from my childhood.

celia_holiday14_115  celia_holiday14_6celia_holiday14_3

Look who has found a spot near the kitchen table….Olive.


I also have my Aunt’s doll house in the kitchen area. Some of these photos were taken last year by my trusty side-kick Anne Sowles. I love this doll house it is so sweet.


christmas 2014 036 christmas 2014 038

My kitchen and family room are almost done…just need a tree.

Hope you are well.

Best, Celia

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10 Design Trends I love

I do not consider myself trendy, but I do follow design trends. I am still conservative when using them in my clients homes. I think your home should look timeless, but these trends could be used in any home!

  • 1. Dresser style vanities…it looks so clean! This one is from Restoration Hardware.


  • 2. I love the dining bench trend. I think they offer comfortable seating and they work in almost any setting. You can find these everywhere, the following are from World Market.


Dining Bench

  • 3. Painting ceilings is a fun trend in this Pinterest photo they used a dark royal blue in the coffered ceiling…very chic.


  • 4. Using every space in your home, this is an old-fashioned idea that has come back! Below is a closet in an office we used it for extra storage.


  • 5. Fun Rugs are a good way to add color or style to a room. In my home office I have a chevron stripe rug, I know this is a fading trend but I love it!
  • 6. Lighting made of found objects…this is a great trend. Both of these lights came from, the wine barrel & bottle chandelier was used in a wedding, and the mason jars in one of the kitchens we did.



  • 7. Wallpaper…you know I love wallpaper!

T16045-3360 palazzo-T35172-zm

  • 8. Large kitchen islands…the kitchen is the hub of our home and this trend of oversized islands is fabulous. The first one is from Better Homes and Gardens, the second one is one of our homes (photo by Liz Donnelly)
BHG great kitchen!
BHG great kitchen!
photo by Liz Donnelly
photo by Liz Donnelly
  • 9. Beautiful tiles are also big right now here are some of my favorites. I adore these Italian harlequin diamond tiles. I also love the marble basket weave in the all white bathroom. Both photos by Jamie Salomon.



  • 10. The last trend is in furniture…gone are the over stuffed large arm sofas and chairs…thank goodness! Mitchell Gold, Lee and BSC are all following this trend!

mitchell gold charlotte

Before: Beautiful but too formal

What are your favorite trends? We are getting our clients homes ready for the holidays. There is always a big push to tackle decorating dilemmas in time to host family for the holidays. We are crazy trying to tie up loose ends.

Let me know what you are working on.

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Refreshing Your Home For Spring

Spring is coming to Maine, I know it has arrived in much of the country…but winter hangs around here a bit longer. I am done with winter, I need to spruce up my house and prepare for my favorite season…summer.

1. Remove all wool rugs and replace with indoor/outdoor and cotton rugs. This really brightens up my home and lengthens the life of my wool rugs too.

Before: (photo by Liz Donnelly)

Living Room
Living Room

After…this cotton Dash & Albert rug ( Home Remedies  brings color into the room…I love it!

summer rug 1

2. Time to do some indoor planting…It is still too cold to plant outside. Here are my favorite inexpensive planters, mason jars, soil, curly willow and spring bulbs and herbs. The herbs will be moved outside in June. (photo by Liz Donnelly)


3. New pillows…I rotate my pillows for the season. Here are some of my favorites options for spring. From, and

jonathon adler

west elm pillow william sonoma

4. OK this is strange but I love this Jonathan Adler Coffee maker and it brings new life to the kitchen., I also adore these drink jars, and linen napkins from

michael graves coffee maker31279854_105_b23973845_000_b


5. I love the idea of new spring and summer dishes too! I have some fish dishes that were my parents and I use them in the summer…they feel fresh and fun! These plates from Dwellings 207-781-3711 and are great for any season.

fish plates


william sonoma plate

6. Spring Summer Bedding…a must!, http://www.bunnywilliams,com,

pinecone hill quilts

bunny williams

pottery barn bedding

7. If you need outdoor seating…these benches from, are fabulous and they come in tons of fun colors.

bench 43152_main

8. Lastly, do you need outdoor planters? check out and



prod1676381 prod1676383

I am getting so excited for summer! I have a child graduating from high school this June, so I need to spruce up both the inside and outside of my home for his party.

I have to paint my deck…I attempted this last year, and did not complete it…this year is a must.

What are you doing to get ready for summer?

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Best of Houzz 2014 Award

photo: Liz Donnelly
photo: Liz Donnelly

Celia Bedilia Designs of Cumberland FSD, ME
Best Of Houzz 2014 Award

Annual Survey and Analysis of 16 Million Monthly Users
Reveals Top-Rated Building, Remodeling and Design Professionals

Portland, ME February 4, 2014 –Celia Bedilia Designs of Cumberland Foreside, Maine has been awarded “Best Of Houzz” by Houzz, the leading platform for home remodeling and design. The Budget friendly coastal design firm was chosen by the more than 16 million monthly users that comprise the Houzz community.

The Best Of Houzz award is given in two categories: Customer Satisfaction and Design. Customer Satisfaction honors are determined by a variety of factors, including the number and quality of client reviews a professional received in 2013. Design award winners’ work was the most popular among the more than 16 million monthly users on Houzz, known as “Houzzers,” who saved more than 230 million professional images of home interiors and exteriors to their personal ideabooks via the Houzz site, iPad/iPhone app and Android app. Winners will receive a “Best Of Houzz 2014” badge on their profiles, showing the Houzz community their commitment to excellence. These badges help homeowners identify popular and top-rated home professionals in every metro area on Houzz.

“We use design to bring functionality, beauty and joy to each of our projects.”

“Houzz provides homeowners with the most comprehensive view of home building, remodeling and design professionals, empowering them to find and hire the right professional to execute their vision,” said Liza Hausman, vice president of community for Houzz. “We’re delighted to recognize Celia St.Onge among our “Best Of” professionals for customer satisfaction as judged by our community of homeowners and design enthusiasts who are actively remodeling and decorating their homes.”

With Houzz, homeowners can identify not only the top-rated professionals like Celia St.Onge, but also those whose work matches their own aspirations for their home. Homeowners can also evaluate professionals by contacting them directly on the Houzz platform, asking questions about their work and reviewing their responses to questions from others in the Houzz community.

Follow Celia Bedilia on Houzz

I was born into design; my great-grandfather was an impressionist painter, my grandfather & father were both architects and my mother herself was an interior designer. Even more, all four of my siblings are also in the art/design fields of work. We simply had no choice, designer blood runs through our veins! Prior to my interior design business, I worked in the wholesale/retail world for several years, first in sales and then in design and production. Currently, I am designing a line of cottage furniture for a wholesale company and I have my own line of custom furniture and vanities.
I truly love my work and it is important to me to take the time to work closely with my clients as we bring their visions to life. More so, it is imperative that each one of my projects reflects the clients taste and interests rather than my own. Here at Celia Bedilia, we can help you bring your ideas to actuality.

About Houzz
Houzz is the leading platform for home remodeling and design, providing people with everything they need to improve their homes from start to finish – online or from a mobile device. From decorating a room to building a custom home, Houzz connects millions of homeowners, home design enthusiasts and home improvement professionals across the country and around the world. With the largest residential design database in the world and a vibrant community powered by social tools, Houzz is the easiest way for people to get the design inspiration, project advice, product information and professional reviews they need to help turn ideas into reality. For more information, visit

Need inspiration for a kitchen renovation? Look at these before and after photos!

Are you considering renovating your kitchen? Here are some of our favorite before and after kitchen renovations.

Before highlights

  • Cool Disco Lighting
  • Grungy natural wood trim
  • Red laminate counter
  • Black backsplash
  • Red fan hood
  • Oak cabinets
  • Mishmash of appliance styles and colors
  • 1980’s vintage chairs and ottomans

before kitchen1

After Highlights Photos: Liz Donnelly

  • Light bright cabinets
  • Antique pendant lighting (over the island)
  • African mahogany island top
  • Carrera marble countertop
  • Great tufted leather swivel chair
  • New stainless appliances
  • New prefinished hardwood flooring
Kitchen from TV area
Kitchen from TV area


TV area
TV area

Wow, what a difference new cabinets and flooring make!

Notable items in the before shots…

  • Green laminate cabinets
  • Rough wood wrapped peninsula
  • Groovy lighting
  • Out of date…not vintage flooring
  • Laminate counters…to go with the cabinets!
  • Black appliances to go with…?



Ah…the after what a difference. Photos: Liz Donnelly

  • I love these mushroom color cabinets
  • The wood ceiling looks so much better when it is surrounded by painted cabinets
  • New stainless appliances perk up the space!
  • The quartz counters are fantastic too!
  • It is so bright and light now

Charest kitchen1 charest kitchen2 charest kitchen3 charest5

I love this kitchen transformation, it does not look like the same home…


  • Too much oak
  • Wall to wall cabinets excessive open storage…looks messy and busy
  • Dated lighting, easy thing to change
  • Hanging pots and pans bring the ceiling height down

Gendron Office 043


AFTER… OMG RIGHT? Photos: Liz Donnelly

  • We removed the French doors, and replaced two doors with one wide opening
  • Notice there are no upper cabinets…light and bright
  • We added a bank of windows and brought the outside in
  • New light painted cabinets are Candlelight Cabinetry
  • The green granite is fantastic. The homeowner had to make this last-minute swap when the slabs we ordered came in damaged! I love the result.
  • The new pendants are Hubbardton Forge Lighting
  • We had Paul G White order and installed the tile backsplash


window marsanskis LDP_8205-Edit

One of my favorite before and after projects

  • Dark cherry cabinets with brass hardware…1980’s special
  • Boring brick fireplace
  • White track lighting…dreary
  • Black appliances…depressing

Black and Brown kitchen

alice 10

After…WOW Photos: Liz Donnelly

  • New chic lighting
  • Wonderful white Candlelight cabinets
  • Bright wall color
  • Amazing granite
  • Wood breakfast bar
  • View now the star!!


_MG_3041 _MG_3135

This before and after did not take much but the impact was huge!

  • Replace appliances
  • Paint cabinets
  • New track-lighting
  • Add the island


I love these after shots! Photos: Liz Donnelly

  • I love the paint on the cabinets, makes the room so bright and light
  • The new island was a great find, an antique English pine cabinet, made into a kitchen island.
  • New range and fan finish the update look!
After shot of the kitchen
After shot of the kitchen



We also have kitchens that we did in homes that we built from the ground up, No before photos just after!

Photos: Jamie Salomon

I love the lights in this kitchen-photo Jamie Solomon


Photos below: Liz Donnelly

photo:Liz Donnelly


photo:Liz Donnelly
photo:Liz Donnelly

I love looking back at before pictures, I appreciate the renovation results so much more when I see where we have come from!

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Happy January…we are bitter cold in Maine, I hope you are all staying warm!

Best, Celia featured A Celia Bedilia Kitchen

I am proud to say one of my kitchens was featured on (Pottery Barn & Williams and Sonoma’s kitchen website). I hope you enjoy the article!





Designed By: Celia Bedilia

Photographer: Liz Donnelly

This wonderful, clean room in Maine combines the best of kitchen living, with a seamlessly integrated seating area and sun-drenched dining nook both just steps from the main cooking space.

During phase one of this two-part remodel, the homeowners added a new mudroom, prefinished white oak flooring, and removed most of the walls on the first floor. “This dining area was a part of phase one, and it is amazing,” designer Celia St. Onge says. “It added not only seating but tons of light! There used to be a covered porch in this space that kept the sun from getting in.” A half-wall of beaded board is crisp against gray-blue paint and also gives a slight nod to the home’s coastal Maine location.

“One other thing I love that we did as part of the first phase was turn the former garage entry into a large pantry (next to the refrigerator). The homeowners can walk straight in from the grocery store and put everything away at once,” she says.

Phase two focused on the kitchen redo, which included new cabinetry, countertops, and lighting. Celia pulled the color palette in from the nearby Casco Bay, which is just a quarter-mile from the home.

“Fog is common place in this area and the tones in the kitchen are all found in fog, gray, greige and tans. I wanted the room to feel crisp and cool but also welcoming,” she says.

To combat the light, earthy tones, Celia installed a small open cabinetry unit between the two windows, which she painted black. “This shelf is one of the items from my coastal furniture line. I design and build it in Maine, and it is manufactured by special needs adults. I am so proud of what they have built!” Celia says.

All white pieces displayed neatly inside highlight the dark color of the cabinet. Black window casings and black tile around the vent hood add a similarly bold pop. “I wanted the overall feel of the kitchen to be calm, but it would have felt bland if I had not picked a strong contrast color,” says Celia. “Nothing could do the job like black!” Behind the black and white range also lies Celia’s favorite element in the entire kitchen: “I love that nickel gap board backsplash,” she says.

Across from the windows sits a rich, wood-topped island. At the end, narrow shelves supply a convenient spot to store cookbooks at the ready. Three upholstered barstools are elegant, and their black legs tie in with the other dark elements along the window wall. Matching tufted linen chairs in the adjacent dining nook tie together the two spaces.

Rounding out the room is symmetrical storage space. “I like simple design, so one thing we did in this kitchen was to use banks of drawers and full height drawers, but no combinations. I love the result, it is so clean and every bit of space is used,” notes Celia.

Perhaps the biggest sign of success in this living-dining-cooking triage is the fact that it gets used daily. “This family loves to entertain, and they spend lots of time at home,” Celia continues. “The wife is a professionally trained chef—she uses everything in this kitchen.”


  • Cabinets: Schrock, Brookshire door style in Dover Gray:by Dennis Tefft (207)-729-9924
  • Counters: Carrera Marble : Eliot Hull @ Paul G. White (207)
  • Lights: French reproduction from
  • Sinks: Just Sinks
  • Faucets: American Standard
  • Range: Thermador
  • Refrigerator: Amana
  • Dishwasher: Kitchenaid
  • Backsplash: Steve Youmans of Mark Dorsey Construction 207-865-3333

brushed stainless steel | carrara marble | Carrara marble | Island Style | Shrock Cabinets | Shrock Cabinets | Thermadore range | $20,000 – $50,000 | Transitional

Kitchen Renovation

Hello Everyone,

Here are the photos of my newly renovated kitchen. My photographer Liz Donnelly, did a fabulous job capturing this space. We love our homes open floor plan.

To remind you…here are the before pictures.



In the photo below you see our leather swivels chairs these are great because they allow you to watch TV or towards the kitchen.


I used black as an accent to break up the monochromatic color scheme.



One of my favorite features is the nickel gap board backsplash.


When we renovated we added a bar sink, I love having two sinks.



The dining area seems to fit better with the new kitchen.


Below you can see the entire space, when we renovated, we removed all the walls and replaced them with columns. We love this space.


What do you think? I am very happy with the results. Have you done a renovation lately? What did you do? What would you have done differently?

I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you for stopping by. If you like this post let me know by commenting or liking it! If you are not following my blog please add your email to our list.

Best, Celia


What you need to know before you order kitchen cabinets

As you know cabinets are literally the foundation of your kitchen. You are looking at spending between $6k low-end to $100k (or more) on the high-end for cabinets. They are arguably the most important decision you will make. Here are a few of the brands I use on a regular basis.

1. BROOKHAVEN CABINETS: I really like this line, I used it in the modern home below. Available at Paul G White, in Portland, Maine (photos Liz Donnelly)

goldberg kitchen 5

2. CANDLELIGHT CABINETS: This is my favorite middle range cabinet line. Available through Dennis Tefft, at Hammond Lumber (photos Liz Donnelly, Jamie Salomon, Liz Donnelly)


larger shot kitchen gc


3. SHROCK CABINETS: The value is very high in this line, great product great price! I love this line. Available at Hammond Lumber (photos Liz Donnelly)


charest kitchen2

Basics on different types of cabinets (from

Stock cabinets come in standard sizes and shapes, and are  usually available to take home from the store the same day or just a few days  later. Sizes and styles are limited with stock cabinetry, but the price is right  for remodelers on a budget.

Semi-custom cabinets are built after your order is placed, so  you can choose from certain sizes and styles. That flexibility makes it easier  to design a kitchen that fits your particular requirements. Semicustom cabinetry  usually requires a longer lead time for delivery than stock. They’re more  expensive than stock cabinets.

Custom cabinets are made by hand to fit almost any standard  you require. An odd-sized or irregular-shaped space in your kitchen might not  accommodate a stock or semicustom piece, but a custom cabinetmaker starting from  scratch can build nearly anything you need. Custom cabinets are the most  expensive of the three types; the exact price varies widely because of size,  materials and options. The time it takes to receive a custom-cabinet order  depends on the cabinetmaker’s schedule.
Consumer Reports article below is a great place to start~

Getting started

Once upon a time, dovetail joints inside the drawers were practically all you needed to distinguish high-end cabinets. That distinction has blurred as more manufacturers offer premium features even on low-end lines. Indeed, we found you can have these and other once-exclusive features and still wind up with shoddy construction.

A little research beforehand can save you time at the store and the thousands you can lose on less-than-stellar cabinets. Start by checking online manufacturer and retail sites and catalogs and taking a good look at store displays; you’ll be able to tell the quality cabinets from the polished pretenders once you know where to look. And trust your taste; readers who chose cabinets solely on the basis of advice from contractors, designers, or architects were twice as likely to report a problem as those more involved in the selection, according to a survey by the Consumer Reports National Research Center.

Put your money where it counts

If you’re on a tight budget, skip the nonessentials and focus on convenience. Work-savers include a lazy Susan, a pull-down soap and sponge holder, and deep drawers for pots. Glazing, while nice, typically adds 10 to 20 percent to the cost. Remember to factor labor into your budget, since installation can easily account for more than half of the cabinets’ cost.

Consider renewing your old cabinets

Replacing cabinets is typically the priciest part of a kitchen remodel. Readers who hired contractors paid on average more than $9,000 for new cabinets, and about a quarter of the readers paid more than $15,000, according to our survey. A couple of long weekends’ work can change your kitchen’s look for a tenth that cost. If your old cabinets are plumb, square, and sturdy, consider refinishing them with some simple sanding, painting or staining, and drilling. You can even dress them up with custom-built doors, possibly with glass panes, and still save a bundle over all-new cabinets. Even having a cabinetmaker reface old cabinets with veneer costs less than replacing them.

You can also make old cabinets work better than new by adding pull-out shelves, lazy Susans, and other inexpensive upgrades. The final touch: Install several under-cabinet halogen, xenon, or fluorescent task lights wherever you or a family member will be dicing, doing homework, or reading a recipe.

I hope this helps you if you are looking to renovate your kitchen. I love designing kitchens because they are the hub of the home. We all live in our kitchens and so I recommend waiting on a renovation until you are ready to do your kitchen the right way. I painted my kitchen cabinets for years before replacing them, because I knew that it would be $20k to replace them once everything was said and done!

Thank you for stopping by let me know your thoughts by commenting, or liking this post!

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Best, Celia

More Resources:

Kitchen Update

Designing a kitchen for myself is not easy, I am a bad client!

I started this process with the desire for new cabinets. My old cabinets are 30 years old and very tired looking. The hinges do not match the hardware, and there are at least 6 coats of peeling paint on them. I intended to keep my granite, but found that the process of removing it and then putting it back after the cabinets went in was not cost affective (it was $2,000 more to put on new counter tops). As with all construction, one action leads to another. When the counter tops are removed they cannot save the backsplash. Do you see how things are adding up? Oh, and they cannot remove the sink from the granite to install on the on the new counters…really come on!

The project is adding up quickly. Well, it is too late now so I guess I better just enjoy the ride.

Here are the final choices…

brookshireThese are Shrock Cabinets and will be painted in Dover Grey.


The top cabinet will have glass doors and the interior of these cabinets will be painted blue

Benjamin Moore Wythe-blue
Benjamin Moore Wythe-blue

The new counters are going to be honed Marble.

carrara post

The stove wall (below) and backsplash are going to be nickel gap boards


Justine Hand (nickel gap boards)



The hardware that goes with my scheme (functional-vintage) best is this…

knob pulls

On Thursday my existing granite was removed, then all we had to do was demo the cabinets. This is what our kitchen looks like now.


photo (23)

NOW…doesn’t it look great?


I looked into the most cost-effective way to dispose of the cabinets, 1-800-got-junk does not give you estimates before they come, they said it would be $445 to dispose of the cabinets.

former kitchen

I sent them away that is just too much, so I broke down the cabinets and put them in this Bagster it was only $149.


If you are considering a renovation on your kitchen, stay tuned. Our next post is a guide to buying kitchen cabinets.

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