5 Inexpensive Ideas to Refresh Your Home & Life

I do not think I am alone when I say we all need a little refresh right now. I am low on event and floral design projects due to COVID-19, which means money is not flowing in, and I am home all the time. I have spent most of my time off in the garden. I have created five new gardens beds in my backyard. I used all seeds and split plants from my front yard and transplanted then to the back. My husband is a banker and loves that I have become thrifty…I will not tell him it is temporary. Today I am focusing on my interior for the first time in months. I needed a little refresh, and I thought I would share my inexpensive ideas. I hope you enjoy them!

Flowers always make my home look clean and cared for. I will go out to the garden after I clean my house and bring in some flowers!

Fresh paint is an incredible way to bring new life to your space. It will cost you $40+ a gallon, but it gives you a big bang for your buck!

I love container gardening; you can do this anywhere if you have a window you can have a garden. I love getting my hands dirty and watching seeds, seedlings, or plants thrive. You can spend just a few dollars to get huge rewards.

Flea Markets are great places to go right now, grab your mask and hand sanitizer, and get out hunting for that statement piece you have been longing to find.

This suggestion is my husband’s favorite because it costs nothing. Rearrange your rooms, try something new, bring a piece of furniture from one space into another. I am moving a chair from my guestroom down to my family room, and moving a sofa from one area to another…moving things motivates me to clean and declutter, and it refreshes the space.

Which of these ideas inspires you to create beauty? What could you do to refresh your home?

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Paint Color Trends 2017

Saturated colors are back and trending in 2017.

We have been living in a neutral world for the last 8-10 years, but the tide has turned and bold colors all the rage. Although I still prefer a neutral pallet, I think this could be effective if used sparingly and with a bright white trim. I wonder if this shift reflects the design worlds reaction the 2016 election?

Here are some of my favorite bold colors.

Ralph Lauren Amalfi Blue


Benjamin Moore-Ebony King


Farrow and Ball-Drawing Room Blue

Odi et Amo

Ben Moore- Charlotte Slate


Clark and Kensington -Black Chiffon



Benjamin Moore-Color of the year-Shadow


Would you dare to use a bold color in your home? I am going to give it a try..stay tuned.

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Fifty Shades of Grey…My Top Ten Favorites

Here are my top ten favorite shades of grey!

1. Silver- lights. celiabedilia.com

larger shot kitchen gc

2. Paints…Benjamin Moore has wonderful greys. This is from bhg.com

ben moore

3. Love these floors. lizmarieblog.com


4. These grey kitchen cabinets are a fabulous. celiabedilia.com (photo Liz Donnelly)

celia_march2013_15 - Copy

5. Wonderful wing chairs in a soft grey. aplaceformyhome.com

gray chairs

6. Stainless steel tiles are a lovely. lizmarieblog.com


7. Weathered grey and smoke glass add gray to this space. bloglovin.com


8. These charcoal windows are striking. pinterest.com


9. These urns are a lovely shade of grey. celiabedilia.com (photo Liz Donnelly)


10. This rug is a very soft grey. dashandalbert.com

sea glass rug idea

Although I think there are well over fifty shades of beautiful greys, the ones above are some of my favorites.

Do you have any favorites? One of my best friends hates grey, and can’t wait for it to stop being trendy…I think she will be waiting a long time!

Hope you are well. We have a ton of snow here in Maine…winter is very grey here! Hope you like this post let me know by liking or commenting. Stay warm!!!!



These are a few of my favorite Master Bedrooms

I am currently working on a Master Bedroom for a client. I have been caring for a relative who was critically ill, all my clients have been wonderful and understanding. This client has been waiting for ideas for a long time!

We need…

  • New king bed
  • Paint for the walls
  • New bedding
  • Window treatments
  • Bedside tables
  • Large Rug
  • Maybe an upholstered chair if there is room
  • Lamps

Here are the bedrooms I am getting my inspiration from…


I love this room! The view is amazing, and so is the fun rug and soothing colors and textures.



I like the idea of doing a nickel-gap board (wood) focal wall behind the bed…I do not know if my clients will go for it.

slat wall bedroom


I also like this idea of using trim to create panels behind the bed.

mary cook bedroom


We could use a bold/strong wall color in the room if we used neutrals everywhere else,  like they have in this room.

bedroom blog 1


I love the trim in this room but, it was the rug that I thought might appeal to my clients!

arch bedroom


This room is very appealing to me. The floral screens, the oversized bedside tables, and the crisp window treatments, work together to form a beautiful and restful space.

screens in bedroom


This is just a classic straight forward clean bedroom design!

jglassandassociates bedroom


I think the black accents are interesting in this space, they really pop.

linda burkhardt bedroom

What does your dream bedroom look like? I love a spa-like feel, a place where I can get away from it all. My bedroom is my go to place to relax.

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My Paint Pallette for Fall 2013

Celia Bedilia Designs 

Paint Picks for Fall 2013

paint colors

These are the colors I am drawn to this fall! Hope you like them.

What are your favorite colors this fall? Do you have any rooms to paint?

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The Making of a Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom Musts

Photos: Liz Donnelly


  • Soft seating: I think every bedroom needs a comfortable place to sit. As you can see black lab Coco Chanel likes the chair and ottoman in this bedroom.
  • A fantastic bed frame and mattress, mattresses last 25 years so buy a good one.
  • Desk: I  like having a desk in the bedroom, here we have a small writing desk that we painted glossy white. Above the desk we have a book shelf made of books, a vision board, and some photos.
  • TV: yes I know we are supposed to keep them out of the bedroom but, let’s be honest it is nice to relax in bed and watch TV.
  • Fireplace: a fireplace is not a must but it is nice to have, especially during Maine winters.
  • Art: please do not forget to dress your walls. You do not have to spend a lot of money. Go to art shows or galleries and start collecting.
  • Windows-you do not need big heavy drapes, these linen curtain panels are inexpensive but effective.
  • Paint is very important to a well designed bedroom. I like soothing colors in a bedroom, this does not mean pastels they can be saturated colors but they need to make you feel calm.
  • I also like to have fresh flowers in a bedroom, in fact I might need to go to the florist today!
  • Bedside tables-bedside tables with storage for books, and all the other stuff you want close by but do not want to see.

master details 1

Where we shopped for these items…

  1. Bedhttps://celiabedilia.com/shop-celia-bedilia-designs/
  2. Chair and ottoman http://www.potterybarn.com/products/buchanan-swivel-armchair/?cm_src=AutoSchRel
  3. Deskhttp://www.officemax.com/office-furniture/desks-laptop-stands/product-prod3800837?cm_mmc=CJ-_-TheFind.com-_-OfficeMax+Product+Catalog-_-1609763&affcode=CJ&CA_6C15C=520011670000304966
  4. Linen Desk Chairhttp://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/Safavieh-Marseille-Beige-Linen-Nailhead-Dining-Chairs-Set-of-2/6625035/product.html?cid=202290&kid=9553000357392&track=pspla&kw={keyword}&adtype=pla
  5. Book shelf made of bookshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HB0P8cJUdXo
  6. Arthttp://www.bridgegalleryportland.com/Rhonda%20Gary.html
  7. Paint: Benjamin Moore – Quiet Moments http://www.benjaminmoore.com/en-us/paint-color/quietmoments
  8. Curtain Panelshttp://www.restorationhardware.com/catalog/product/product.jsp?productId=prod190091
  9. Quilt-Home Remedies – http://www.mainefabrics.com/
  10. Decorative Glass Jars-Dwellings, Falmouth, ME  207-781-3711
  11. Bedside tables http://www.restorationhardware.com/catalog/category/products.jsp?link=StJames&categoryId=cat2320024

Well, I hope you liked seeing what went into this master bedroom. If you are considering a master makeover feel free to ask me questions!

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Enjoy Fall…winter is coming.

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Budgeting for a small bathroom

Over spending is easy, even in small spaces. In this kids bathroom, we had a budget of $8k. We did not go to fancy tile stores, or buy pricey plumbing fixtures, and we still went way over budget.

We purchased our tile, tub, sinks and faucets from Lowes. We used Celia Bedilia vanities and terrazzo vanity tops. We thought we were doing a great job sticking to our budget $4,775.95, for all those items. But then came the labor, and all other building materials…before long we were over budget!

www.celiabedilia.com photo: Liz Donnelly
photo: Liz Donnelly

The details that make this bathroom crisp and clean, but did not blow the budget: Bead-board, sea-glass tile shower-box inserts, glass subway tile trim, wood plank floor tile, and all the white accents.

Photo: Liz Donnelly

I have done many bathrooms, but I still amazed at the cost of doing a renovation. I have included the actual numbers for this bathroom below.

I hope that this will help those of you who are contemplating renovations, understand where your money will go!

Budget $8k – Actual Cost $13,065.95

  • Labor (tile, framing, demo etc.) $2,800.00
  • Plumbing (whirlpool tub, 2 vanities, toilet) $1,300.00
  • Electric  (rewire switches, new sconces and whirlpool tub) $900.00
  • Painting – (bead-board, trim, doors and walls)  $1,730.00
  • Sheet Rocking $360.00
  • Building supplies (doors, dura-rock, etc)  $1,200.00
  • Countertop Fabrication $500.00
  • Tile (floor –wood look tile, subway tile, and glass tile)$1,000.00
  • Whirlpool tub & Drain   $870.95
  • (2) Sinks $65       $130.00
  • Faucets (2 vanities, and shower-tub)      $375.00
  • Toilet     $200.00
  • (2) Vanities $600/each   $1,200.00
  • (2) Terrazzo Counters $250/each $ 500.00

I hope you have enjoyed this post. Are you planning any renovations? Let’s us help you!

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Blogs I Love and Why…

Celia Bedilia’s list of blogs I love and why!

During the month of March, I am taking an online class on blogging from Decor8 called Blogging Your Way (BYW). I did not know much about the e-course before signing up for it. I have really enjoyed it, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is trying to take their blog to the next level. It is chalk full of very helpful content.

This week we were asked to make a list of 10 blogs we love, and explain why we loved them.

I thought I would share my list with you!

1.Apartment Therapy | Saving the world, one room at a time



I like this blog because it is full of inventive & obtainable ideas. They are blogging about real people and affordable solutions. They really involve the reader in their blog, and as a reader this makes you feel like you are a part of something. I love their mission statement and have included it below.

MISSION: Helping people make their homes more beautiful, organized and healthy by connecting them to a wealth of resources, ideas and community online.

2. Real Simple- Life Made Easier  http://simplystated.realsimple.com

real simple

Life Made Easier- (great motto)

I love this blog!  It is informative, easy to follow and not fussy. I find the categories interesting too (see below).

Main Categories

3. The Good Old Dayzwww.thegoodolddayz.wordpress.com


This is a French blog, I love the photos and the vintage vibe. I think the entire site is very well put together from the logo to the fonts, it all reads as vintage, and that is their message!

4. North Leads to Home http://northleadstohome.com/  (BYW)


I think Kiki (the blogger behind NLTH) brings a youthful exuberance to her blog. I have been in the design field in one facet or another for 20+ years, and I love her fresh take on design. I think her entire blog is set-up to show her personal style with the polka dots background to her photo (above).

5. The London Flower Lover  http://thelondonflowerlover.wordpress.com/


The team at The London Flower Lover blog has a pasion for flowers. They have lovely pictures which they have added their email address to.  After this weeks class, I have learned to put my website on my photos. They also use video and flash on their site without making if feel too professional…it still has a real feel to it.

6. Chronicle Books Blog http://www.chroniclebooks.com/blog


They have tons of categories so there is something for everyone. It is a very clean and simple site, I think that is important when you are selling goods. I like the fact that they have chronicle books employees write posts about their jobs (My sister is Design Director and  wrote the post below). I been reading this blog for a long time and I am amazed at the quality of books they publish.


7. Making it Lovely  http://makingitlovely.com/


  • Nicole Balch the voice behind Making it Lovely is so hip and in-tuned to design.
  • She has a marvelous and casual tone throughout her blog.
  • The set-up of the blog brings you in and makes you want to read more, I even like the advertisers.

8. The Lettered Cottage http://theletteredcottage.net/


  • They have a great feature called “Pick My Presto” where people send in their design dilemmas and then Kevin & Layla (the brains behind the blog) virtually redesigns the rooms for them. Very clever (see an example above)
  • They also have a feature “Guest My Nest” where they travel and redesign cottages. It is very sweet and fun to read.
  • If you like shabby chic-cottage style you will like this blog.

9. Heather B Design http://www.heatherbdesign.com/blog/ (BYW)

Photo_montage2 heather b

  • FABULOUS BLOG, fellow Mainer, Heather Boissonneau is a very talented blogger.
  • I love the crisp feel to the blog, it is very visually pleasing. I am sure that people pin her posts all the time!
  • I think her content is interesting as well as very well displayed.
  • It is very clear to the reader who she is, and what she brings to the blogosphere.

10. Lolalina: http://www.lolalina.com/ (BYW)

laura gaskill

  • Laure Gaskill is the genius behind this blog.
  • I love the way she has a lot going on and yet the site does not seem busy.Maybe this is because the linen background is very soothing.
  • I enjoy her writing style you feel like you know her after reading her posts.
  • I want to read more…isn’t that enough?

Although I thought I was done with homework (forever) I have found the assignments in the BYW e-course from Decor8 to be a very important component of the class.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. Let us know by liking it!

What blogs do you love? What makes them appealing to you? Share them with me and my readers  and feel free to tell me about your blog and why you love writing it!

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A well designed room comes from layering; colors, textures and patterns

Continue reading “A well designed room comes from layering; colors, textures and patterns”

Designing a Room Entirely From Etsy

The Weathered Cottage $475

I adore this chair from: The Weathered Cottage $475

The Painted Cottage $1,300

The Painted Cottage has this fabulous sofa for $1,300

Apple Cat Designs $50

Apple Cat Designs has this sweet little ottoman for $50

B Squared Inc $542
B Squared Inc $542

B Squared Inc has this fantastic wine bottle sconce $542

Vertical Flora $55

Cool wall planter full of succulents $55 from Vertical Flora

The Pallet Place $100

Great pallet coffee table from: The Pallet Place $100

Snap Shot Vintage $210

Reclaimed wood is what makes this Snap Shot Vintage side table $210

Mica Blue $38

I love these pillows from Mica Blue $38

Retro Bender $275

Retro-cool lamp from Retro Bender $275

Sew Modish $125

Curtain Panels with great graphics from Sew Modish $125/panel

Cool house sculptures  from Shop $45

Wow it is art that glows! House sculptures from Shop are well worth the $45

J Shears- wonderful art! $900
J Shears- wonderful art! $900

I decided I would try a little experiment, and decorate an entire room with items from Etsy.

It was such fun! I love all the things I picked out. The room is going to be beautiful. Gray and yellow are two colors trending in design, and it was not hard to find them on Etsy.

A room decorated from these vintage and handmade items, is so much more interesting, than buying the same items from a chain store. If you buy everything from Pottery Barn, your home looks like Pottery Barn. If you go to Etsy, you look like a seasoned collector.

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Making the Most of Small Bathroom Spaces

My tips for making the most of a small bathroom space.

  • Claim as much space as possible. I took half of a linen closet from my hall to make more space in my kid’s bathroom.
  • You can also add recessed storage or tall cabinets to make a space feel bigger.

Recessed storage is a must for small spaces.www.lowes.com
Recessed storage is a must for small spaces.

This Old House shows how to make the most of a small bathroom with tall storage cabinets.
This Old House shows how to make the most of a small bathroom with tall storage cabinets.

  • Use a monochromatic theme. I like using neutrals, this does not have to be boring. Sea-glass colors are in style and very neutral, but not boring.
  • I love these Evit bubble glass tiles. They could be used as the back of recessed boxes in the shower; it just requires a little tile so you can use expensive tiles!


White bathrooms are clean and fresh. This one is from Fresh Home.
White bathrooms are clean and fresh. This one is from Fresh Home.

  • Keep it simple. In small spaces you need to keep your design simple.
  • I have lots of clients who have been planning a bath renovation for years. Once they show me  their dream wish list…I take those ideas and come up with a cohesive look. I usually simplify too.

This bathroom creatively uses an old cabinet and bright tile, but the fixtures are all white!. Great design from Fresh Home!!!
This bathroom creatively uses an old cabinet as the vanity and bright tile, but the fixtures are all white!. Great design from Fresh Home!!!

Small bath with bold wall color...note everything else is white.
Small bath with bold wall color…note everything else is white.

  • Take out hinged doors and replace them with pocket or barn doors. This will open up any space.
Barn doors are great on bathrooms. www.contentinacottage.blogspot.com
Barn doors are great for bathrooms.
  • Proper lighting will make your space feel bright and bigger.

Amazing Dogwood Sconce $1,600
Amazing Dogwood Sconce $1,600

This would be cool in a powder room. Fioella Wall Sconce
This would be cool in a powder room.
Fioella Wall Sconce

  • Use one large mirror rather than two smaller ones over a double vanity.
  • Consider mirror on the entire wall vanity wall.

One Mirror...two sinks.www.housebeautiful.com
One Mirror…two sinks.

One mirror makes this space look huge! www.houzz.com
One mirror makes this space look huge!

  • Wall mounting major fixtures also adds visual space.
  • In Asia where space is a hot commodity, they hang the toilets and sinks. (It does not have to look institutional; if you use modern fixtures it will look great.)
  • You might also consider installing wall faucets rather than having them take space on the vanity.


I love this Bathroom designed by Mary Lou Kalmus
I love this Bathroom designed
by Mary Lou Kalmus

  • Natural light is also important to small spaces.
  • Leave existing windows, or change the size but keep the light.
  • Use Mirrors to reflect the natural light.
  • If you can add skylights, do it!

Great window for a small space.www.gatheredhouse.com
Great window for a small space.

Natural Light is the best kind. www.pinterest.com
Natural Light is the best kind.

House Beautiful...mirrored vanities chic and reflective.
House Beautiful…mirrored vanities chic and reflective.

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