As many of you know, I have added meditation to my daily routine. It has brought clarity to every aspect of my life. I am a happier and more present person. 

I realize that my new calmer personality has worked its way into my design aesthetic. Here is a vision board for a coastal dining room, it is a very peaceful space. I used to feel like my work was just about designing beautiful spaces, I now see that I have the honor of creating retreats for my clients. I can give them homes where they can entertain family, decompress from their lives and recharge their batteries.

I am so looking forward to 2019. I am wrapping up several amazing projects, starting new projects, and we will be offering classes and tours in late 2019…stay tuned!

I hope you are enjoying the start of 2019, I am off to meditate and start my day!



Refined rustic master bedroom

Refined rustic, is the newest off shoot of the rustic design movement. Here is the concept, use rustic elements, like wood, metal and linen in transitional design.

I am working on a master bedroom for clients, the husband loves rustic and the wife does not. As any designer will tell you, this is common place, designers have to blend styles on a daily basis. Below, you can see the boards I have put together for a master bedroom with a refined rustic-coastal vibe.



master b 3.jpg



A&G bed5


Most of these furniture pieces can be mixed and matched differently. I like my clients to pick out items that really speak to them, so the first set of boards help me hone in on their style.

What do you like and dislike about these options? Are you a fan of the current rustic design craze? Or are you ready to see something new?

Thank you for stopping by, please let me know your thoughts!

Happy Birthday America!



5 Ways to add history to your home

I am always looking for ways to add a sense of history to new home builds. We have wonderful architectural salvage spots in Maine. I love to go poke around, and look at big barns full of old stuff, fortunately we have a lot of that!

Here are some great ways to add age to your home.

  1. Make a built-in piece of furniture with old cabinetry.


2. Replace a door in your house with an old door, bathrooms and pantries are a great place to do this. Or build something out of an old door.

(top photo Pinterest, bottom Country living)

old doors


3. Reclaimed trim can be used to trim out a room or make a mirror like this one from This Old House.


4. I love using old factory windows especially if they can be used like this as windows.


5. Lastly, you can use columns in many ways, they can be incorporated into furniture or just placed in a room .

celia_jan2016_63 (4)

Do you like reclaimed and salvage pieces, or do you prefer everything new?

Thank you for stopping by and let me know if you have any questions or comments.